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vsh_dirtmound - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


Final 1 8mo
  • Overhaul New Underground
  • Overhaul Varyingly Larger
  • Overhaul Cleaner
rc10 9mo Improvement Optimization BugFix rc9 10mo Overhaul Adjustment4 Addition2 Removal Improvement rc8 11mo Overhaul Adjustment2 Addition BugFix rc7 11mo Improvement Tweak Adjustment

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Dirtmound features a centralized hill with easy access around the map for every class with ample amounts of ammo and health.

An additional underground section helps facilitate that movement across.
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    Hey, just letting you know that cubemaps aren't built properly on your map. The control point has an uncomfortably bright glare to it. Here's how you build cubemaps in TF2:
    1. Set mat_specular to 0.
    2. Open your map with High Dynamic Range set to Off, buildcubemaps, then disconnect.
    3. Open your map with High Dynamic Range set to Full (if available), buildcubemaps, then disconnect.
    4. Set mat_specular to 1 and open your map, but don't buildcubemaps, just inspect it and some reflective weapons to make sure that everything looks nice.
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    Finally a VSH map that had some though put into it. It looks good, isn't a boring empty flat box and that makes it really good. It might be a bit small but at least it concentrates the action and the multiple layers really improves the map.
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    Hey man i don't think you should be relating to others vsh maps (like some of mine) as "ugly" as for some, it's their first creations, like mine. So can ya do us a favour and try to be respectful of others projects without tryna rub in how "good" you are as some of us a relatively new to map making.
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