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vsh_arakawa_b1a - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

Versus Saxton Hale version of arena_arakawa (by Godslayer57)

### About the map Hi everybody, fan of vsh mode, i've decided to edit this good map, here is some important changes i've made: - The spawnroom close definitivly when all players leave it, but in Saxtoner mode, when the "Nurse" respawn some players they get stuck inside the spawnroom. So now they can be opened without any limit. - The roofs, all are closed, its highly frustrating to not get access to these. In this 'vsh_' version we can go on all roof with dark metal texture. - The water kill instantly, so all pyros push Saxton in it at every rounds... Demos, soldiers, everybody is trying to trap it, etc... The water do now only 100dmg/seconds and saxton can use stairs to go out this water. Now lot of things has been changed (see the complete changelog), have fun and tell me all bugs/glitch you will find ;) ### **Changelog** ##### arena arakawa - Original release. ##### vsh arakawa b1a - (most important) spawn doors can now be opened as much as we want. - water dmg reduced to 100dmg/sec - some props added in water - stairs added to leave the water (noob saxton players may need them ) - many roofs opened for building and camping - dock wood platform opened for builds - platform added in the middle house (the biggest house with the 2 "rotating_intake" models) - the old BLU spawnroom is now for REDs (cause its REDs vs Saxton (BLU)) - 3 BLU spawnpoints in the back of the map + 1 on the new platform - textures of inside/outside walls are now in "RED style" on each side - many camp spots are now open - non-accessible props changed to "not solid" - the lighthouse has now its lights (red and blue when RED or BLU team win anyhow the round) - cool bridge added when the 2 metal windows (in front of the CP) are broken - 2 holes can now give acces (by the roof or by the saxton's super jump) at the crates platform - some small ammobox and healthpack has been added - light_env moved, now it match with the skybox texture - some props added a minor changes - better cubemaps, now it count 36 cubemaps (1 cubemap in fromt of each textures that have a reflec option) - HDR added? ### **Credit** ##### Original mapper: [Godslayer57]( "Member homepage"): ogirinal mapper (arena_arakawa) ##### Models: - Acumen: Lifesavers - Apom: Rotating intake - ChickenLover: Timerbomb ("Mann. Co." TNT) - The Construction pack team - The Bulletcrop pack and 3Dnj ##### Sound: '[countdown.wav]( "Download link")' By [meatball4u]( "Freesound homepage of meatball4u") ##### 'arena' contributors: - Rexy: making sure that wood was aligned! - Everyone for testing and feedback - yyler for great beta feedback ##### 'vsh' contributors: - Rogi07: tester, some ideas - 'MC' Eury, Xian, Hunter, Silence 0f K1LlinG, Mr.Sandman, ... for testing the map. - Lethal Zone members (for testing the map too): |LZ| Oskis, |LZ| B.A. baramous, |LZ| bananahunter, |LZ| Alexman, |LZ| OC Loc, |LZ| Nimba, |LZ| Fox, |LZ| DragonFire, |LZ| fatboy