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Fun Trade Beach - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

meant for fun and trading

A fun map with no objective **OVER HYPE IS HERE AND SO IS TREASURE ISLAND** defeat monoculus and discover your loot! It's not really hard to get to the treasure once your there, its just over hyped. If you want to spawn monoculus just turn cheats on and type tf"underscore"forced"underscore"holiday 2 and ent"underscore"create eyeball"underscore"boss or you can just cheat to take the fun away, your choice. **Additions** -More music and made it louder, maybe too loud -Treasure Island! **Features** -music room with lights -pyro tennis -heavy boxing -and working boats **Things to know** i'm having a problem to get the music to stop playing when you press the next music button, i cant figure out how to open class view so i cant put in the fix stopsound text, would love some help with that so dont press any other button until song has stopped completely. Boats work but you have to press the read button first then the green. This map does get updates with new features and fixes. Thank you.
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    Hey I might have a solution to the DJ room sound spam. I personally dont know how to edit in the stop sound thingy on dev wiki but i know a work around. You can make the buttons +Use, and change the outputs to : OnIn "ambient_generic name" Playsound and Make the button go out once the song finishes (Delay before reset "time the song lasts"). Also add a OnIn "buttons that play the rest of the songs" "Lock". This way once you play a song, the button goes in and locks the rest of the buttons preventing you from spamming it since 2 people pressing +use at the same time is impossible.Make this for each button, it is long and can get complicated but its the only way I know how to do it without editing some code. I used this method many times and it works like a charm. Oh yeah and i also suggest to convert the music to a different format, since whos going to wait and download a 150Mb+ file ? Exactly. USe any program you have, make sure that the format and settings are : MICROSOFT ADPCM 22kHz 4bit (4bit part doesnt matter that much).The size will drop DRAMATICALLY.If you want a better map. Convert them.
    You're...pretty good...
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    Looks pretty sexy :P
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    **Pros:** - good job mate!
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