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Refinery - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

arena map with a furnace death trap

Arena map i'm working on for the ducksoup arena contest. the map is reflectionally symmetrical (like lumberyard and ravine). the 2 key ideas in mind are: heavy industrial, including lots of pipes, a certain amount of environmental fog, and some particle effects of gas escaping from pipes. i'm also experimenting here somwhat with a more morbid, more dangerous feeling map. i'm trying to play to paranoia to make it feel like your not safe - thus i've got high roofed areas to give the impression of openness, and isolation. low lighting, with contest to the glowing coals and metals add to the suspense i feel. further the map is set at night and i make use of fog effects to further the impression of isolation, plus giving the structure a minor feeling of "no one is here". the other key idea is the furnace. - there is a large health pack in a small room. however, if anyone sees you enter the room they can shoot/touch one of a number of buttons to seal the door, and roast anyone inside. so it's up to you if you want to risk going for that juicy health pack. b3: slight height change to the sniper rooms minor changes to the corridor piping added a new path connected to the sniper rooms added additional paths to the cappoint from the furnace area (accessible once the point unlocks) to help people get back to the point quick, when knocked off. b2: fixed the molten iron vats to prevent rare cases where they don't kill added a heat haze to the vats (removed heat haze for furnace as it had a significant impact on FPS) added more details all over tidied up the skybox a4 + b1: sound tweeking steam effects added lighting origins and view distances modified reduced "spawn room" size slightly added a global "chime" sound when the furnace is activated further details a3: tweeked kill effect of the furnace continuing to add more details around the map map name changed to refinery (previously: arena\_furnace) added a teleport area to prevent people getting stuck off the map a2: iron vats, moving buckets, and minor details 3d skybox sounds added to the furnace a1: added sniper rooms a0: basic gameplay + furnace mechanics
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    Loved this map. I discovered this when an admin loaded this map to the server. We were playing the oven and laughed so hard when someone gets cooked by it.
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