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Jump_Academy Easy E - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

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Latest version of jump_academy.

This map was built for the titular Jump Academy TF2 group, a large community of jumpers of all skill levels here to help people learn and improve their jumping skills, with jump_academy being the first step for anyone that wishes to go from zero to hero.

The map contains 5 courses, 4 of them for beginners and 1 for intermediate players. The beginner courses are designed to introduce new jumpers to the core aspects of jumping without overwhelming them too much. Those are:

ABC Course:
Contains 10 jumps, all of the jumps has the player navigate a simple obstacle course where they only need to fire one rocket at a time to get through the challenges.

Wall Course:
Contains 13 jumps, the jumps provides exercises for learning how to utilize walls to extend a rocketjump, later on air strafing for controlling the trajectory for a jump.

Pogo Course:
Contains 15 jumps, the jumps focuses exclusively on pogoing, while initially a gimmick for jumps maps, truly starts to shine when speed is involved for pogoing.

Sync Course:
Contains 10 jumps, the jumps are too high for a normal jump and the walls cannot be shot at, so players have to use 2 rockets at once to get through these tricky jumps, but later on 3 rockets will be required.

Timed Course:
Contains 10 jumps, for intermediate players only this course has you do a simple obstacle course where you biggest obstacle is a timer that sends you back if you can't complete the jump fast enough.

Besides the courses, the map also contains MGArena, an enclosed arena with various pillars for practicing Marketgardening in a PvP scenario. The arena is initially locked off, requires a moderator to noclip into a secluded room behind spawn and hit the blue floor switch.

The map also contains the Ctap Wall in spawn, an advanced mini obstacle course that requires people to "crouch-tap", a technique that allows player to get extra height out of their rocketjumps, only for advanced players.

If you want to find our servers that run this map, check out our group here:

Happy jumping.