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Synthetic - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


Competitive testing update 2y
  • Improvement detailing
  • Improvement clipping fixes
  • Adjustment moved silo to create a covered path into garage area
  • Overhaul changed indoor mid side areas (nicknamed garage) to be less advantageous in an attempt to make players want to be on point instead of in those areas to hold mid
  • Adjustment edited underground flank to fit the new garage layout
  • Adjustment redid upper hut by mid to change around sight lines
  • Addition added opaque windows that change when the point is capped
  • Addition added path through the bottom of 2nd transitional building
  • Addition added metal panels to block a sight line on the upper bridges by mid
  • Adjustment changed geometry around mid to open it up more and give more interesting high ground in an attempt to make the point stronger
  • Adjustment edited environmental lighting
  • BugFix changed skybox clouds to use func_rotating now that it's working in game
  • Adjustment Switched which window is open and closed for the upper room at mid
  • Adjustment blocked more sniper sightlines that let him cover both exits from the opposing teams 1st transitional building by standing at the top of the stairs from the tunnel flank.
Runner up in the Meet your Map competition, Synthetic is designed for both competitive and casual play. Inspired by other competitive maps, such as Arctic, Product, and Coalplant, Synthetic offers a variety of gameplay styles with a focus on verticality and flank routes.

Map Development Playlist:

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-Layout and custom sign textures - MegapiemanPHD
-cp_mist silo prop by Hutty
-Custom Railroad Track props by Gadget
-SFM Beta content by Valve
-Pie model by Squeezit
-TV test texture by Ducksink
-Industrial pipe fix by Pont