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koth_corporate_b3 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

A King of the Hill map in an office building

Koth_corporate version 0.3 (beta) This map is of the "King of the Hill" gametype, set in an office building. Both teams spawn on the top floor, the control point is in the basement. Objective: Capture the control point (the "Hill"). Control the hill for six minutes. Notes: If your team loses control of the Hill, your timer is paused and the enemy's timer resumes. The first team whose timer reaches zero wins the game. The timer displayed in the HUD is the timer of whichever team is in control of the Hill.
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    Posted by ncyphe I would love to know how you created the timer in game.
    Each digit in the timer is a separate func_brush. Logic and math entities then enable and disable the brushes as needed.
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    I would love to know how you created the timer in game. Dynamic in-game textures have aways been a problem to me. I have taken a look at the map, but I don't know how ell it would fair on a server, so I'll opt out of the assessment. My views would say that there is quite the bit of detail which is always good, but the map somehow feels like it;ll cause traffic jams trying to get to the Hill. What I'm trying to say is that the Hill seems a bit too easily defendable, but who knows how well it'll work out until it gets some runs on a server. I'll be looking out for this one on a server to try it out amidst the action, rather than a solo.
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    Pros: Unique Concept Fair Balanced map Love the alternate routes to the point(vents) Awesome job with the clocks Nice job with the glass breaking in the spawn room when the game ends Overall a good fun map Cons: If any need be said it was the spawn camping was far too common. Snipers would just stand on the stairs and snipe at the others spawn point. Improvements: Provide doors to the second floor right from the spawn doors maybe? And have the exits in the middle of the second floor room? I don't know exactly Notes: Overall a great fun map. Glad I found it and downloaded it. Expect to see it running on SKC servers. :P
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