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surf_rainbow_v1 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

An original Surf map for TF2

Surf_rainbow_v1 is my first completely original surf map for Team Fortress 2. It contains a long and challenging surf, simple jail and a few secrets. To get to the super secret code room, go into the enemy spawn and surf to the bonus stage teleporter (the question mark behind the glass at the end). To get the code, pay attention to the black shapes at the start of new colour sections. If you get the code right, you're taken to a secret area behind the enemy spawn. If you get it wrong, you go to jail! To get into the Gaben room, press use on the floor in between the yellow and green teleporters in the third level of the code room.
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    **Pros:** - Some portions of the surf are okay. - It's not as blinding as one would expect from the name. **Cons:** - The surf is cramped, only half of the ramps are smooth, and it's pretty confusing and awkward at times. - The jail is just boring, when I played this I found myself just suiciding so I'd get out of it because everyone was doing the same thing, there's no incentive to fight. - That awful white/black segment after the main surf is just ridiculous. You have to flick high off each ramp so that you can see where the next one is, but the invisible walls are still so shrink-wrapped around to the ramps that you can't do that surf it without smacking into the wall. - There's just nothing fun about the map, no reason to play it. **Improvements:** - Give the surfers some room to air-strafe! The map is so ridiculously cramped, you can't surf it easily without hitting a wall because there's just no room. - Have some kind of incentive for player to be in the jail, give them something to do in there, otherwise it's just pointless. - Make -all- of your ramps smooth, not just some of them. That really confused me as to why some ramps were smooth, and others were 90 degree curves with like 6 ramp segments, be more consistent. - Make the surf flow better, surfing from ramp to ramp should feel natural, players should be able to predict where they need to go so that when they play the map, they won't get a few ramps in and get extremely confused.
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    i put this on my server as a skill surf map with jail disabled, with that in mind i found this to be a very nicely made surf map, not hard or too long, but easy enough to time well, only negatives are the redundancy of having a symmetrical surf, unnecessary for my purpose, but ok for combat
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    Pros: ===== - The surf is challenging and fun!

    - The pastel colors for the rainbows fit well with TF2's faded look, which is much nicer than neon rainbow colors that pierce the eyes.

    - The surf is lengthy, but not too long as to get boring.

    - With each level comes a different style of surfing, which is a nice broad range of skills.

    Cons: ===== - The jail is a wreck, unfortunately.

    - The jail kill switch has almost no timer at all, which allows it to be spammed by anyone almost constantly. Also, any Demo or Soldier can rocket jump directly out of the jail and hit this button.

    - If an Engineer makes it to the end, he can set up an almost impossible-to-defeat fortress than constantly kills anyone in the jail on the other team.

    - With the previously mentioned items: the Jail feels useless and is the glaring problem with this map.

    - Also: At times, the level transitions seem a bit jarring (i.e Orange to Yellow), sneaking up on the players and giving them no real chance to beat it on the first try.

    Improvements: ============= - The Jail seems to really have only 2 options:

    - Either set the kill switch to have a longer timer (Much longer), remove the ability to simply "jump" out of the jail, and make a no-build zone in the one way top of jail...

    - Or remove the jail all together and allow this map be a challenge surf.

    - Also: Try allowing your surfers to see more of what is ahead, or at least warn them of what direction they need to go when they face an unknown obstacle. It's more fun for the surfer when you give them a fighting chance, rather than throwing them to the dogs all together.

    Notes: ====== - The Jail seems like a rushed mess. I am not really certain what you wanted from it, but it honestly feels pointless. If more than 8 people are on the server, things become too hectic and unappealing. I'd rather "bid fare-well to this cruel world" than fight to the death in jail.

    - If you are going to include a jail, make it a part of the map. Not just some room where people go; an integral, exciting place where people want to be. Especially if your Final Ending centers around it.

    - Overall: The surfing aspect of this map is fantastic; Challenging, yet interesting. But any combat feels unfocused, misplaced, limited, and disappointing.

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    I don't want Fop God-Dammit!
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    The great gaben room
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    Call me Masterb8es
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