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pl_repository_rc3 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

A desert themed single staged 4 point payload map that focuses alot on height advantages.

Release candidate 3 released! Fixed in Release candidate 3: - The map has been retextured into the gravelpit dirt theme - 3D skybox remade to fit the new gravel theme - Opened up cap 4 alot more. - Removed some planks from the building outside blue's spawn. - Lowered the power of a few displacements near cap 1 to improve the fps - Widened the stairs at red's first spawn - Added a F_M poster - Added a light near the blue spawn to lit a dark area - The red farm buildings were slightly out of place, and have been replaced with wooden brown buildings. - Slightly optimized some more from cap 1 to cap 2 - Any buildings left at red's first spawn is now removed when blue caps cap 2 - Removed some pipes and a crate at cap 1 and fixed a few displacements - Changed a medium ammopack and a small medkit to a large ammopack and a medium medkit at cap 3 - After blue caps the second control point, they'll change spawn after 20 seconds instead of changing it instantaneously - Red's respawntime after cap 1 have been captured is now changed from 10-20 seconds to 11-22 seconds - Added another barrel on two other barrels at cap 3 to allow people to jump up on them and get to the second floor - A bug in a buiding near cap 3 where teleporter exits got destroyed, have been fixed - Fixed some fade distances and other minor visual glitches This is a release candidate; it's really close to being released. Please report ANY issue you have with this map. Everything from server crashes to a piece of wood you can get slightly stuck in. It will help me alot :) ---------------- pl_repository ---------------- A single-stage map like badwater, that has alot of height elements. It is designed to work best with 26 to 32 players. Discussion thread can be found here: