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pl_hoodoo - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

A custom payload map with a new cart model

README ------------------------ PL_HOODOO FINAL VERSION (pl_hoodoo) Gametype: Payload Players: 24-32 Scoring mode: 1 point per checkpoint captured Author: Tim "Youme" Johnson Contributors: Jeroen "Snipergen" Dessaux "DigitalReaper" John "Jimbomcb" McBroom Wade "Nineaxis" Fabry of "Oxy" E-mail: [email protected] ___________________________________ Map description A standard payload map for Team Fortress 2, Blu are escorting a custom payload model - a dirty bomb - towards the red base. ___________________________________ Recommended config file mp_maxrounds 2 mp_winlimit 0 ___________________________________ Revision History (DD/MM/YY) Final released 04/01/09:- * Improved playerclipping in a few areas. * Rotated spawn points in Red's final spawnroom. * Raised a ceiling in stage 2 to help prevent players getting stuck in it. Beta 5 released 07/12/08:- * Fixed a bug where the cart would continue moving forward as soon as stage 3 started. * Changed some props to the correct collision type. * Minor detailing fixes. * Fixed two func_brush not being set to 'don't render' * Slightly tweaked respawn times in stage 3 * Replaced a one way door in stage 2 Beta 4a released 09/11/08:- * Fixed cart speed Beta 4 released 08/11/08:- * Tweaked location of health/ammo packs. * Minor layout tweaks including: - Added a rock+hoodoos to stage 2. - Added a few sentry locations. - Reduced attackers ability to spawncamp in stage 3. - Removed a one way door from stage 2. * Tweaked fade distances on certain props. * Removed a load of clipping exploits. * Reduced insane number of env_cubemaps. * Miscellaneous lightmap and lighting changes. * Slight respawn wave time changes. Beta 3 released 13/10/08:- * Restructured the 3D skybox. * Adjusted respawnwave times. * Detailing improvements spread over all three stages. * Miscellaneous layout changes: - Tweaking cap 2 area in stage 3. - Minor route out of a ditch, stage 1. - A set of stairs to a previously blu only area. - Added more hoodoos as decoration and as cover. - Added a locked door to stage 3 until blue cap the mid point. * Miscelaneous lighting and lightmap scale changes. * Added train bumper model by Snipergen. * Removed all beta signs. * Possibly solved issue with stage 2 cap 2 as well as the cart not moving properly at the start of stage 3. * Tidied up cart texture. * Properly asigned spectator points. Beta 2 released 31/08/08:- * Fade distances adjusted, a few were too short. * Named capture points properly and added A/B/C signs at the second point of each stage. * Miscellaneous layout changes to all stages, including: - Widened an exit in stage 1. - Moved a oneway door in stage 1. - Added a new oneway route in stage 2 - New tunnel into the final building in stage 3. - Added a respawnvisualiser to a door further from Blu spawn in stage 2. - Added a bridge outside blue spawn in stage 2. - Additional skybox detailing. * Lightened a most of areas. * Improved playerclipping and altered incorrect collision modes of props. * Miscellaneous detailing improvements over all stages. * Fixed fully black lightmap and bleeding light problems. * Reduced intensity of ticking sound. * Fixed some displacement misaligns. * Fixed a problem when players would get slanted views. * Fixed visleaks. * Improved lightmap optimisation Beta 1A released 10/08/08:- * Added 3D skybox * Detailed entire map, all developer textures removed. * Lighting vastly improved as well as giving lights sources. * Made all displacements - removing a few lips where players previously had to jump over. * Optimisation in the form of hints, areaportals, fade distances on props, remodelled props, overlays in place of props, etc. * Added cart model by Snipergen as well as various miscellaneous models by DigitalReaper * Added ticking + alarm sound to cart along with explosion particles (waiting on valve to enable them). * Slight layout tweaks across all three stages, physical changes as well as ammo/health pack amounts and locations adjusted * locked a door until a certain capture point is capped by Blu. * Playerclips, clips, blockbullets all added Alpha 4 released 16/05/08:- * Added one way (non-team specific) route in stage 1. * Moved blue spawn in stage 1 into a separate room to prevent major chance of spawn camping. * Adjusted/added/removed various hoodoos. * Adjusted/added/removed various health/ammo. * Added ambulance model by Oxy. * Tweaked respawn timers. * Added door models to spawn rooms. * Added one one-way (non-team specific) route to stage 2. Alpha 3 released 13/05/08:- * Prevented cart returning past capture points. * Removed console error about wrong model type. * One route made blue-team-only in stage one. * One route made red-or-blue-team-only in stage three with placeholder visualisers. * Skybox lowered from its excessive height. * Added health/ammo packs in all three stages. * Fixed a spawn oom vis problem where players could walk straight though it. * Slight layout tweaks. * Final cap points in second and third stages made narrower. Alpha 1 released 01/05/08 ___________________________________ Known Issues * Smoke escapes though roof of the final building (When valve finish their work on the custom particles I can fix that easily) * No physical explosion * Some light is still bleeding, blasted stuff! ___________________________________ Thanks All members of and, most notably: Colt Seavers Jimbomcb Snipergen DigitalReaper Nineaxis Velvet Fist, Iron Glove Floor_Master - for exceptional feedback ___________________________________ Like this map? why not digg it - If you really like it, why not recommend it to valve for an update? ;)