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pl_angkor_rc2 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

A TF2 3-stage Payload map (like Goldrush) with some CP, set in an Angkor-like theme (temple in the jungle)


Author : squintik (squintik at gmail dot com)

Description :

A 3-stage Payload map for Team Fortress 2
On stage 2 and 3, there's also a Capture Point to allow the cart to continue on its path.

After BLU's plane crashed in the cambodian jungle, they encountered RED team wandering around a khmer temple, so they quickly decided to just blow it up ... They'll need to bring their explosive-filled cart from their plane, to the temple entrance up to the top of the temple and drop it in the sacrifice pit !

Installation :

Just extract the .bsp to your "..\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps" folder.

Changelog :

RC2 :

  • added forward spawn for defense in stage C
  • some tweaks to geometry in stage A in order to break some line of sights and help a little bit more the offense
  • fixed some bugs with elevators and doors related to the capture points
  • updated visuals for lights (adding sprites and light beams)
  • fixed minor bugs with team_control_points properties (wrong hud icons, disable sounds, hiding the final CP)
  • various other minor bugs (texture alignments, clipping, etc...)

RC1 :

  • updated end of round C (some gameplay and art tweaks)
  • fixed possibility to build in round B red spawn area
  • updated clipping (fixing some places where players could leave the gameplay area)
  • fixed a rare bug (hopefully) where the round would not end after the cart fall in the final pit
  • various custom textures and models update
  • fixed some texture alignment
  • slightly decreased some timers
  • fixed cart camera

Beta 4 :

  • fixed intermediate spawn in last stage
  • fixed some minor visual stuff (fade distance, payload tracks, etc...)
  • fixed a rare bug where the payload would fall/explode at the end without the game acknowledging the cart reached the end

Beta 3 :

  • reworked end of stage A so that it's more balanced and interesting
  • some heavy rework on stage B
  • added intermediate spawn room for BLU in stage C
  • slightly reduced some distances and heights in stage C
  • tons of small changes everywhere (tweaking some covers, some new paths, etc...)
  • general visual overhaul
  • tweaked some cap/setup/rounds timers
  • small changes to the rollback zones (cart will not recede anymore after passing it entirely one time, cart slightly quicker than before when climbing these zones)
  • removed possibility to shoot stickies/rockets in some spawn rooms (when skicky/rocket jumping and shooting above wall)
  • tweaked ammo and health pickups
  • fixed lift bug on stage C
  • added a few signs
  • added missing spawn room blocker for blu spawn in stage B
  • updated overlays color under health pickups (to differenciate ammo and health pickup overlays)
  • updated clipping
  • increased waterfall extinguishing area size
  • tweaked plane to avoid some collision issues
  • various optimizations for performance and file size

Beta 2 :

  • updated layout in last section of the map to have more possibilities
  • updated lighting to avoid having too dark areas
  • fixed collision bug with the plane
  • art updates on temple buildings and structure
  • tweaked ammo and health pickups (less pickups now, transformed some big into medium pickups, ...)
  • some clipping work around doors and windows
  • updated 3d skybox
  • some optimization

Beta 1 :

  • slight gameplay layout changes for round B and C
  • added some rollback and rollforward zones
  • art pass on rounds that were still in dev textures (B and C)
  • added some new props to replace old brush details
  • added/tweaked soundscapes, HDR, fog, clipping, lighting, ...
  • fixed known bugs
  • some optimization

Alpha 4 :

  • round B and C entirely reworked
  • some optimization on round A
  • no more dark areas
  • fixed spawn room volumes and missing resupply lockers
  • fixed various bugs

Alpha 3 :

  • art pass (lighting, custom props and textures, detailing, ...) on first stage
  • tweaked layout to allow more possibilities for both teams

Alpha 2 :

  • no more stage 3 to only test first stages
  • updated layout to add more possibilies, have more coherent spaces, break some big line of sight
  • change CP mechanism on stage 2 to something more simple

Alpha 1:

  • first version with every stages and CP gameplay on stage 2 and 3

Thanks to the CanardPC community for early playtests and feedbacks !
Also thanks to DamDam for a lot of references and some useful feedbacks.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to post feedbacks ! (or even better, some source tv demos from playtests !)