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ctf_aerospace_b3 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

Ctf_aerospace is a medium sized capture the flag map with emphasis in strong points and acessible intel. Each base has a hangar with a "tower" in the back, where the Intal is located in the third floo

Ctf_aerospace Beta 3 (ctf_aerospace_b3) Gametype: Capture the flag Players: 24-32 Author: Arthur "Arhurt" Bobany E-mail: [email protected] Version: beta 3 ___________________________________ Background Aerospace "The Government has issued a contract for the creation of the new line of combat planes that are to be the standard for the near future. Two rivalling companies, Red Aerospace and Blue Aviation, are now battling for the contract. After many months of lawsuits, legal actions and speculation, the The Government has decided to let both companies create a prototype, and has given advanced funding to both. At the end of the deadline, both prototypes will be analyzed and the best one fully produced, giving it's parent company will recieve the funding of a gazillion dollars for it. Unfortunately, the production must be carried out in a secret location, and both companies have been given one half of the terrain to estabilish their facilities. After many months of hard work, espionage and peeking over the walls, they each have their own prototype ready ahead of time. They could use this extra time to make their plane better, but stealing the opponent's blueprints and sabotaging their planes seems like a better option. And so their facilities have became a warzone." ___________________________________ Map description ctf_aerospace is a medium sized capture the flag map with emphasis in speed, team dynamics and acessible intel. Each base has a hangar with a "tower" in the back, where the Intel is located in the third floor. The Hangar and Intel room have plenty of different infiltration points so a very strong defense must be set up to prevent the enemy from getting to your Intel. The team must coordinate the attack and defense patterns to surprize the enemy and gain the upper hand. I hope you have fun with this map. Just watch out for the pits in the caves and you should be OK. ___________________________________ Changelog From beta 2 to beta 3 - Removed the collision for the hangar cables holding the platforms - Added various pick-ups around the map according to the following list: ---- Large Ammo crate on the raised platform in the cave ---- Medium Ammo and Health pack on the back of each base ---- Small Ammo and Health pack in the middle of the wooden walkway in front of the cave entrance ---- Added a medium ammo pack in front of the tires outside the hangar ---- Upgraded the small ammo pack on top of the hangars to a medium one - Added playerclips to the edge of the cave pits to prevent "sliding" in the pits of death - Added playerclips to the crystal areas in the base to prevent getting stuck - Completely reworked the inside of the hangar so that it's less cluttered and confusing - Added the waterfall sounds (I removed them by accident) - Added playerclips to all stairs to prevent bumping - Added a nobuild area to the waterfall platform - Raised the stalagmites so you don't bump your head on them - Made the rocks on top of the blue hangar solid - Fixed the Red base skywalking - Tweaked the redbaron model to improve performance - Fixed the place behind the waterfall where a player could get stuck - Fixed the place by the trees where a player could get stuck - Added unbreakable glass to the last window of the side top row on the intel room - Miscellaneous graphics fixes and improvements From beta 1 to beta 2 - Significantly reduced the map size to keep the gameplay focused. - Changed the small medkit on top of Red hangar to a medium one, balancing out with the blue side. - Better lightning around the hangar and intelligence room. - Moved the intelligence room wall lamps below the large window so that a scout can easily double-jump from the railings out to the roof from inside (a second way out the intel room). - Removed the medium medkits in the cave (only the large ammo and large health remain) ___________________________________ List of custom models The models listed below where created by the author of this map and will be released in a special mapmaker's pack for free use to every mapper out there. But until then, the use of these custom models is exclusive to ctf_aerospace. Bigpipe The pipe that connects the sewer/underpass to the cave area. Blueprint Tables The intelligence room's blueprint/concept tables. 2 model versions and on both Red and Blu skins. Blustar The Blu team's prototype airplane, with 4 different LoD and complex material. Cave Crystal The crystal formations in the cave area. 2 Skins. Crumpled papper The small balls of crumpled paper scattered in the intel rooms. Fence The grey fence that can be seen especially around Blu base. There are 4 pieces that make up for a lot of possible uses. Blu lightpost A square lightpost for the Blu base. Hangar Ceiling 2 models of the metal hangar ceiling, a closed one and one with an opening (they both use the same skin). Hangar Doors With Red and Blu skins. Hangar supports The metal hangar roof supports. Hangar Holder The piece that holds the hangar platforms in place by the edges and hangs from the ceiling. Lightstick The small lightsticks with batteries scattered around the pits in the cave. Redbaron The Red team's prototype airplane, with 4 different LoD and complex material. Stalagmite 2 kinds of different stalagmites to enhance the looks of the cave. PlanesFly The animated planes flying over the map (a skybox model). ___________________________________ List of custom textures The textures listed below where created by the author of this map and will be released in a special mapmaker's pack for free use to every mapper out there. But until then, the use of these custom textures is exclusive to ctf_aerospace. (model textures not listed) BLU avionics logo overlay Red aerospace logo overlay "The Sky is ours" Blu billboard "Ruler of the Sky" Red Billboard Red's sketch chalkboard Blu's sketch whiteboard Stone cave with moss blend textures (3 variations, 6 textures) Tangling and hanging vines for the cave ceiling opening Runway overlay Waterfall texture of running swift water ___________________________________ Acknowlegements Thanks to my family for being my safe harbor from where to set sail and pursue my goals. Thanks to all members of the "Made in Brasil" brazillian leveldesign community, especially Minotaur0, MaMuS, Fergo, SliMZ, KpsLook and bullz. The help you guys provided with comments, suggestions and all the work you put into the forum is amazing. Thanks to all members of, where I found most of the tutorials I needed to help me come out of noobish and have this map ready for release. I'd like to give special thanks to MangyCarface for the immense help early on with every aspect of the map, from optmization to using packrat, you helped a lot. DJive, especially for helping me put the map for test early on. I'd like to list everyone, but we have to be selective, so I'd like to give special thanks to (in no particular order) Vander, ChronoTriggerFan, Shmitz, Snipergen, crazychicken, Dox, Immortal-D, drpepper, Youme and Nineaxis. Your comments, suggestions and overhall praise had kept me going on this project. Thanks to all members of Mapcore, especially Minotaur0 (yea he gets double thanks!) for pointing me the way to this great community. Thanks to Freak, for not thinking the map would look good and being blown away later. Thanks to members of the community who have given feedback on my map. A list of clans/forums where the map was tested with awesoma feedback can be found below, it's a great place to play my map and other customs! I'd like to make a second special thanks to the folks of for organizing and hosting Gamedays to test out maps. Finally, thanks VALVe for putting this great game out for us to play! ___________________________________ Clans and Forums (thanks, in no particular order, for your feedback and testing) TeamFortress2Fort - The Mental Clinic - - Tactical Gamer - Colt's Playground - Smokehouse Misfits - Twisted Network - Clan Aberration - CBW Gaming - Vengeance Clan - Gamers Underground - One World syndicate - TDR Gaming - Feared Gamers - INX forums - GameSync - ICONZ Arena - TF2Forum (Brazillian) - Arena Turbo (Brazillian) - Hardmob (Brazillian) - And special regards to the mapmaking communities - Mapcore - Made in Brazil - MiB - ___________________________________ EXTENDED CREDITS Arhurt Gameplay concept Map layout and construction Detailing Optmization/Clipping All custom models and textures (excluding the list below) TF2Maps posters (in the spawnrooms) are credited to Mark 'Shmitz' Major* Venetian Blinds (in the spawnrooms) are credited to TheBladeRoden* Alpine Rockwalltexture (the Rock texture for displacements) is credited to 'JoshuaC'* Flag Return from pit of death prefab entities are credited to 'A Boojum Snark'* * - you can find these in the download section All copyright in Team Fortress 2 and all original art assets included in this map are belong to Valve Corporation. Valve, Team Fortress and the Team Fortress logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation.