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CP_Subway_Final - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

Two rival subway stations. Five control points. The pain train has arrived.

-------------------- ---CP_SUBWAY--- -------------------- A Team Fortress 2 custom map Final (ver. 1.0) TF2 Control Points map in a subway system. Hop turnstiles! Spill blood! Air-blast enemies into the paths of oncoming trains! This final version is after the testing of several early versions of this map including cp_subway_b8 ( and the even earlier fb_subway ( Changes include: - Added geometry to center area. - Moved the second capture points to the floor level, changed the second capture point areas to suit the new layout. - Decreased cap times, particularly on the center point. - Added or changed numerous overlays and decals, including the addition of custom overlays. - Improved ambient sounds. - Numerous bug fixes, mostly involving incorrect clipping. As always, feedback is encouraged! Thanks. Be on the lookout for a CP_Timber update soon (see the older version at and a new map in the works! Development: -{BAM}- rb6elite Custom Decals: -{BAM}- Vector -{BAM}- Skullfucker -{BAM}- Violet Anna Hodgson Server playtesting: -{BAM}- DeadBodyMan
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    Design: It's balanced out perfectly and symmetrically, so no team has an advantage over the other. It has only a few different paths, but it adds simplicity while retaining strategy. Every area is easily accessible, and most paths are simple to understand. Detail: I like how you added various things to make it more of an enjoyable experience. I noticed the train times to some Valve maps, and that gave me a few good laughs. Most of the details are simplistic, which is how this map feels, but in no way is that a bad thing. Fun: This map has fun built in. There are paths that allow ambushing, wide ares for general battle, 'secret', or rather alternate routes that are great for surprises and such, and even trains! I have much fun with this map as any class, and as an added bonus, if you time your jump correctly, you can ride the trains, which as a Heavy, Spy, Sniper, or any class really, is both beneficial and humorous! Gameplay: This map's gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. Its a 5-CP map. Works well for competitive with 6v6 up to 12v12, IMO. It doesn't try to hard, and it isn't trying to be something it's not. It tries to be just what it is, and it tries with success. Looks: This is the weakest spot (yet still with an 8) for the map. Although there ARE numerous props, textures, and structures that make this look like a subway, it doesn't have a subway feel in general.
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  • Pros: Beautifull custom textures, great detail Improvements: needs more health in middle
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    Have a Nice Day
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  • This map looks quite nice, I like it.
    [BG] Hubert
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