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cp_stark - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

Snowy 5cp map.

README ------------------------ CP_STARK BETA 2 (cp_stark_b2) Gametype: Control points - 5 point push Players: 12/24/32, testing mainly for 6v6. Scoring mode: 1 point per control point captured Author: Tim Johnson E-mail: timothyrj[email protected] ___________________________________ Map description A standard 5 cp map set during a light nighttime snowfall with an emphasis on height variations and varied gameplay. ___________________________________ Recommended config file mp_maxrounds 4 mp_winlimit 0 ___________________________________ Revision History (DD/MM/YY) Beta 2 released 19/05/10:- * Added rooftop snow models. * Increased level of detail. * Fixed an exploit where players could get outside the map. * Propperly aligned respawn visualizers. * Added patches or small, nonsolid planks of wood to mark the locations of health/ammo kits. * Removed all instances of nonsolid prop console spam. * Optimized the lightmaps. * Tweaked locations of ammo pickups around mid. * Reduced final control point cap time. * Flagged snow particles as weather effects so they can be disabled on lower end PCs. * Removed a few clipping exploits. Beta 1 released 27/04/10:- * Entire map is now detailed. * Added a staircase at mid. * Minor other tweaks. Alpha 13 released 17/02/10:- * Removed bridge tops, nothing to get in the way of rocket/stickie jumps now. * Reworked flow around upper levels of the mid point. * Continued detailing. Alpha 11 released 03/01/10:- * Continued detailing. * Reconstructed bridges over 2nd/4th. * Thinned snow particle further. Alpha 9 released 05/11/09:- * Continued detailing. * Added jump route for scouts at central point. * Fixed checkerboard snow pattern. * Added Snowman model. * Miscellaneous small tweaks. Alpha 8 released 09/09/09:- * Tweaked capture times, longer so that the full team can arrive at the centre before scout's swamp it. * Continued detailing. * Miscellaneous small tweaks. Alpha 7 released 01/09/09:- * Reworked the bridge at 2nd/4th. * Added an extension in between 1st and 2nd point. * Removed the conveyors above centre bridges. * Adjusted capture timers. * Miscellaneous small tweaks. * Swapped to custom snow texture. Alpha 6 released 26/08/09:- * Reworked far tunnel from 2nd to middle cp. * Started basic texturing. * Thinned snow to around 1/3 previous density. * Adjusted spawn timers and capture timers. * Miscellaneous small tweaks. Alpha 5 released 21/08/09:- * Adjusted respawn times, starts off 10 each by the final point they are 10:7 to the defenders. * Added a railing to the bridges at the centre point. * Decreased width of final point arena. * Added snow particles to more accurately simulate later visual states. * Miscellaneous small tweaks. Alpha 4 released 19/08/09:- * Reduced walk time from spawn to middle point. * Reduced size of 1st and 2nd cp areas. * Reworked initial spawns to condense them and shorten walk times. * Set directional signs to non-solid. * Renamed 'Stark'. * Added a new route at the middle point. * Miscellaneous small tweaks. Alpha 3 released 16/08/09:- * Rotated first forward spawns so they face forwards. * Slightly boosted light levels. * Added spectator cameras. Alpha 2 released 16/08/09:- * Fixed blu's final spawn trapping them, effectively preventing them from winning. * Implemented custom nighttime skybox. * Increased capture times on middle and 2nd points. Alpha 1 released 16/08/09 ___________________________________ Known Issues * Remarkable lack of Iron Man references. ___________________________________ Thanks All members of Mark 'Pearhat' ffitch MangyCarface FLOOR_MASTER and 2f2f ___________________________________