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cp_orange_x3_mug - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

A balanced re-make of the popular map.

This is my remake of orange x3. I rebuilt this from scratch, rather than decompiling the original map. The intention was to make a more balanced version of the map, in which the classes are ballanced and the sniper isn't the only option. Rather than make it impossible to snipe, I have made each of the areas smaller and added cover, so that whilst you can still snipe effectively, snipers can actually be defeated. I've also set up the different height levels to add easier paths for scouts and rocket jumping soldiers. No, this is not an original idea, but I have never been happy with any other version of the map, so I finally got round to creating my take on the classic map. The map also features everything x3 was missing: - Working spawn rooms where you can change class without dying, which enemies cannot enter. - Pickups to restore health and ammo, making both rocket jumping and engineers more viable. - Some water to put out fires. - A few models dotted about to make it less boring to look at, aswell as for light sources and cover. - Coloured markings on most walls and ledges to make it clear which side of the map is which.
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    **Pros:** - More balanced than original - Good Lightning - Very popular on my server! **Improvements:** - Water is too low to put out fires
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    **Pros:** - More Balanced - Actual Lighting - More optimized for TF2 gameplay **Cons:** - Orange Map **Notes:** - It's good people are trying to make extremely popular custom maps actually playable
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