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cp_frost_b6 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

cp frost is a 5cp push map set in a snowy industrial environment. It features numerous attic areas for intense height based combat.

cp_frost is a 5cp push map geared towards competitive play. It emphasizes vast height differences, flank routes, and long sight lines. The middle is based somewhat loosely off the B bombsite in de nuke from counterstrike source, while the rest of the map draws a bit from yukon, well, and other maps. One of the prominent features of the map are the interconnected attic areas, which offer players a variety of height based options as well as unique sniping positions. The final points are from my entry to the control point detailing contest at As far as testing goes, I'm interested in how viable the sniping positions are. Are they too good? Can you snipe too well from such a vantage? I'm also interested in how back cappable the map is. Does the map offer too many side routes or flanks which make it so scouts can continually backcap? Let me know what you think! Changes from B5: * Adjusted the spawn times and cap times of the middle three points. They were significantly lower than both granary and well, so I put them back to roughly that same level (capping middle nets you 3 spawn advantage, capping 2nd nets you 2; both middle and 2nd cap require 1 point longer to capture, hopefully helping with the back capping issue). * Put a collection of crates downstairs to block up movement around the medium health. The basement is now much more of a one way path with two stair exits, as opposed to a rather circular area it was before. Should stop scouts from running rings around anyone who tries to chase them down there. * Moved a small ammo further down the hallway near second. Moved the medium ammo at second away from the small health (hopefully, people needing health will grab it instead of it and the ammo). Also, added a small ammo to the snow area in front of second. * Made the forward spawns at middle a bit larger and put the spawn points facing towards the next cap point. Should alleviate confusion regarding "where do I go next?" * Replaced the trap door from second with a prop. The prop is a bit higher, so you should be able to slide through onto the second point much easier. Added some open spots on the roof at second, allowing for some (limited) shots to be fired at the point. Watch out that you don't splash damage yourself. * Changed the layout of the attic area between second and last. Added two hallways leading to the balcony area at last, and moved the open section of that area to the middle instead. Also. opened up the crate room overlooking second, and moved the medium ammo around. * Removed the middle stairs leading up and out of the last point. Replaced it with a series of boxes and a rather large ledge, for the attackers to get a bit of spam positioning. Might be a bit much, but I wanted the battle at last to be less of a wait and grind. * Moved some boxes/barrels around at last. Clipped some exploitable spots.