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Mario_Kart_2012 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

Mario_Kart_2012 = Fixes to an old/broken download of old BETA map Mario_Kart_Day_B19A

From the read-me file: Mario Kart '2012' Original map by Xenon. Modified by Teddy Ruxpin - to become "mario_kart_day_b19a" Further modified by Weasel - to become "mario_kart_2012" The songs available in the club (located in the 2nd level, of the center building in the ma), include: 1. Banana Phone, by Raffi 2. Close to the Edit, by Art of Noise 3. Hell, by Squirrel-Nut-Zippers 4. Kaos Killer, by Kap Bambino 5. Kinko the Clown, by Ogden Edsl 6. Knight Rider theme (from the 80's TV show) 7. Robot Rock, by Daft Punk 8. Speeds, from Serial Experiments Lain (Sound-Track) 9. Still Alive (Portal theme), feat. Ellen McLain 10. Working-man's Theme, from Serial Experiments Lain (Sound-Track) SHOOT at any of the consoles in club, to start a music selection. Weasel's notes: [From: 2011-03-05] My apologies to Xenon and/or Teddy Ruxpin for not getting permission from either of them to "tweak" thing's this way. But, I had no contact method to work from. I found this map in my TF2 client cache. Apparently downloaded a long time ago, from a long since gone server (maybe Teddy Ruxpin's "TurboTF" server?). Anyway, it is apparently one in a long series of "beta" maps. I couldn't find anything resembling a "final" release of this variant. The copy of the map that I had cached, was trying to reference several sound files - that I couldn't find anywhere in my cache. Unfortunately, that meant most of the music in the maps "club" area wouldn't play. I really liked this variant of the "Mario" maps, so I decided to fix things up to be playable again. I substitued my own MP3's, and used the "EntSpy" tool for Valve "Source"-engine games to update the references/paths in embedded in the map file - to point to the newly substituted MP3 files. The .BSP, .RES and .TXT files goe into TF2's "maps" folder. The MP3's must go into a sub-folder of TF2's "sound" folder - specifically a sub-folder named "mario_kart_2012". Please assume that file and folder names *ARE* case sensitive. I'm not sure if that's the way the "Source" engine works or not - but I know that game servers can be hosted on either Windows (which is NOT case-sensitive), or Linux (which very much *IS* case sensitive). Specifically, the files involved with this map are now: [shown with their paths relative to the "tf" folder] maps/mario_kart_2012.bsp maps/mario_kart_2012.res maps/mario_kart_2012.txt sound/mario_kart_2012/MarioKartBegin.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/BananaPhone-Raffi.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/CloseToTheEdit-ArtOfNoise.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/Hell-SquirrelNutZippers.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/KaosKiller-KapBambino.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/KinkoTheClown-OgdenEdsl.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/KnightRider-TVTheme.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/RobotRock-DaftPunk.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/Speeds-LainOST.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/StillAlive-EllenMcLain.mp3 sound/mario_kart_2012/WorkingMansTheme-LainOST.mp3 Please be sure to re-distribute this map with both this text file (mario_kart_2012.txt), and more importantly the "resource" file (mario_kart_2012.res). The "resource" file goes in the same folder as the .BSP file. It will help ensure that when client's connect to a server running this map, that the required sound files, also get downloaded. Weasel's contact information is: Original map by Xenon. Modified by Teddy Ruxpin - to become "mario_kart_day_b19a" Further modified by Weasel - to become "mario_kart_2012"
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    Actually, it's technically a "capture point" map - but nobody ever bothers with that. So, it's other/misc.
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    Damn it darkspin
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    I'd classify this map as a deathmatch map, but why is it in the "Misc" section?
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