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dod_trenches_arcade_final - A Mod for Day of Defeat: Source

A fast paced battlefield consisting of trenches and bunkers.

After around 12 months on/off development of this map I have reached a point where all major bug and gameplay fixes that can be made have, over the iterations of this map it has increased in visual and audio detail as well as benefited from improved optimization and therefore frame rates. I would like to thank the follow: DIR community, they gave me a server to be able to test my maps on and found a lot of the bugs in the map as well as providing gameplay suggestions. Cpt Ukulele, Lost & Splatt for beta testing an earlier version and providing screen shots and constructive criticism. All the sites and servers that have hosted my map. Surgeon, pedroleum & happyernst for custom models used in the map. Change Log V1.1 Removed ammo depot Moved spawns to flat area outside flag one Closed off old spawns and removed detailing Increased flag capture time Added extra person to cap first flags Added physical protection to spawns Opened up original tunnel v1.2 Fixed sandbag bug spawn protection added to spawns rotated tree so it doesnt stick through wall raised ladders in first removed grass from edges of disps made all clip player clip v1.3 added more decals altered lighting altered skybox removed some custom models added more area portals across entire map huge modification of skybox to reduce map area closed off disps with nodraw Fixed occluders set draw distances func_detailed more areas added more hints v1.4 fixed lighting compiled with advanced compile v1.5 removed more custom models improved spawn protection fixed several bugs improved optimization - hints/areaportals added more detailing added sound FINAL fixed several remaining bugs
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    Balance: Perfectly balanced... But it's not a performance cause it's almost a mirror map... Design: Good job, really well designed. Gameplay: Small map, really funny to play. Looks: Really good looking map. Maybe you could work on the lightnings.
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