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dod_orange_rusmar_towers_v7 - A Mod for Day of Defeat: Source.

4 towers with caps in 2 of them and 1 2 person cap in the middle of a battlefield.

This is the FINAL version of this map! This map has been completely fixed, everything is completely balanced on each side and is very fun to play on. New tunnels have been added to help prevent spawn camping and it also adds another way to cap the towers. This map is very fun with rocket for some weird reason. :D it seems like you can use any class in this map even though it is made for snipers and rifleman. Spawn tower warfare has also become popular. Glass roofs have also been added on the spawns to prevent grenades from killing people spawning but you can still throw them over the middle wall. I have observed 25-32 people play on this map for about 10-15 hours and determined that everything is in the greatest shape it will ever be in. Hope you enjoy. :D Mark B. RusMar
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    Wow these improvements are great =D the glass roof the side tunnel and all are a great addition because i use to have getting spawn naded or having to look for a sniper in the feild and then shoot him before he shoots me too =( but tbh i dont think i feel for the mid feild the older versions i liked the fact that the boxes were more randomly places instead of pretty much mirrored. but still nice additions =) 9.7/10 because this is my favorite DoD map
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