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ar_armory - A Mod for Day of Defeat: Source


ar_armory is a port of the de_armory map from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game.

- Complete the task: you need to capture five flags located in different parts of the map.

- The minimap is attached.

Further, the descriptions of the author of the map follow:

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Steam workshop:

Credits can be found at the steam workshop

BSP is at the download button, but you could better just subscribe to the workshop, start cs:go and enjoy the map


17-feb-2017: fixed some clipping and reduced the heli sound/animation

15-feb-2017: fixed the railing, prop fading, doors and other flickering objects and fixed the skybox

15-feb-2017: CT heli drop off animation have been add:


Terrorist their goal is to blow up the armory located on the top of a mountain in Siberia. The armory creates and develops weapons and technologies. It's your goal as a terrorist group to get rid of the mass destructuion facillity. The Counter-Terrorists are deployed by a helicopter afther the security have been taken out and pulled the alarm.

The map

This small three path layout provides some fast action with various tactics for both teams. The map has been kept simple with not to many details to provide a better competetive gameplay experience with less distraction and less fps.

Bombsite A provides strong defending options for CT's with lots of elivation including a pit. T's can push trough main and use the additional sqeeky door route to flank the CT's from a different height with a usefull vent to throw in tactical grenades. When T's take control on midle, they will be awarded with a new seightline directly on to the bombsite.

Bombsite B provides one pathway for T's to attack from. The garage door being slightly open provides some skillfull grenade options for both teams. CT's can choose to push the garage pathway and door to reduce the ammount of entrances to one, but they do take a risk of being exposed and killed by T's. Camping back in the site will reduce their chances to hold the bombsite but increase their chance to stay alive for a retake. The sleightly harder bombsite to take provides a more safe route for T's from midle to B once they took control on mid. With the elivtion and the different angle directly on the bombsite will give them a huge advantage.

CT's will start with a advantage on midle since they get there first. T's have the option to get on midle by the main path or use the window entrance. Both team can make good use of grenades since midle is a open area.

Special thanks to the following people and communities!

Big thanks to H4WKLE for helping me on the 3D skybox!

Thanks to Invalid Nick for being able to use some of his amazing textures (the creator of Mist).

Credits for the skybox texture (Panj) and some models (tank, turret, weapons) goes to Insurgency and Day of Infamy

Special thanks to TopHATTwaffle and his community CSGO Testing Grounds for the playtests!

Special thanks to Mapcore and it's community for all the feedback!

Special thanks in advance to Reddit Playtesting for the competetive playtest

Special thanks to all my friends who helped on testing!

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