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Holo Animated Weapons/Items Models plus Test Map - A Mod for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch


Release Jan 2020 2y
  • - New Example Map and .VMF Called: remake_turning_weapons_holo (latest Weapon/Item Scripts)
  • Addition Added New Gravity Gun change colour on pick up example script
  • Addition Added New Models (floor panels, holo emitter, steam emitter)
  • Addition Added New RPG script (RPG TAKEN, RPG INBOUND, RPG AVAILABLE)
  • Addition Added env_steam under some items
  • Addition Health vials use item_healthcharger on pick up (This checks player health / if player needs to pick it up)
  • Addition 3 Health vials have lights that turn on and off on pick up
  • Addition Large Suit battery (20 suit)
  • Addition Map lighting is darker to show off the Holo effect better
  • Removal Un-used filter text from Health vials (Feb 2020)
  • Addition Added Grenade Model / script to newest map for Convenience (Feb 2020)
I've also added the models and textures inside the BSP Maps for None Mapper people to test quickly and easily.
Slams and Grenades - Final Patch 5y Slams and Grenades Fix 5y

(Last Updated: Feb 2020) Gives your maps some extra polish with turning hovering hologram weapons/items

Direct Map Download Link:

These custom Weapon Models are only for SDK Mappers to use and put into their maps.

The weapons and items hover, turn etc like the Quake and Unreal Game's.

Note: Non mappers can try out the test map called: custom_turning_weapons_holo.bsp
called: holo_slam_grenade_spawns_patch.bsp
The .VMF is also available to help mappers setup the custom weapons for their maps.
Extract the .zip file and place the folder called "hl2mp" into your "Half-Life 2 Deathmatch" Folder.

E.G. C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

Or wherever you have your game installed.
Have Fun and inform other mappers about these new Custom Animated Weapon/Item Models so they can use them.

Optional: Add Credit if you use these models :D

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