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mp_mountaineer - A Mod for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.

Very big funmap with a lot of traps and mistery. Target: get on a huge mountain

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Half-Life 2 Multiplayer map "mp_mountaineer.bsp" v3.1 //04.Nov.2009 This hl2 map designed, built and compiled by ottelo. Copyrights by ottelo. (keypad made by Brother_Dooley!! THX) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Youtube Video: INFO!!!!!!!! -big environment/map -great fight places -funny secrets -jump&run feature! "mario" :) -traps -teleporters -big end secret -labyrinth -teamplay or "who's the first on rock" or "king of the hill" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingame map Description: Destination is the top of the rock :) U have to climb on this rock, how u do it is your choice! There are 4 teleporters, u can activate them, but first u haveto find the button for them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bugfixes: 2009 v3.1 -more traps -more beautiful details -WEAPON on airboats -proximity mines! -change teleporter, now 5 teleporters -fix no sound problem on DED/Linux Server -few bugs cleaned v3.0 -clean some graphic bugs -more weapons/ammo -delete old buggy and add some airboots -waterramps -new teleporter -map description on beginning -few new traps 2005 -new sounds & environment sounds ex. birds -added few nice details -fixed all sounds -fixed graphic bugs -turn connon 90° -added few nice rocks :) -added new halo buggys (from rotofo thx :) ) -added keypad to open secret door (from Brother_Dooley thx :) ) find the code! -deleted street to rocket entrance (easier to enter the rock) -trigger moving objects to reduce lags (transfer rate) -change few textures and increase resolution -made few rocks well-rounded -deleted few dead zones -change range from models -deleted few models -added areaportals to the house on the rock, to save fps -added new "fail" sound, if u put a wrong object into the hole it says "NO" -fixed some problems which made climbing almost impossible -decrease level of difficulty ================================================== Youtube Video: Deutsche INFO: - sehr großes Umgebung mit einem fetten Berg - große Kampfareale - witzige Eastereggs und Verstecke - Jump&Run wie bei Mario :) - Fallen - Teleporter zum Abkürzen - Großes Finale beim Erreichen des Berges - Labyrinth - Entweder Teamplay oder "Wer ist zuerst auf dem Berg" Ziel der Map ist es, sicher auf den Berg zu klettern. Dabei gibt es natürlich mehrere Wege allerdings sind diese auch mit Fallen versehen :). Falls Ihr oben angekommen seid, erwartet Euch erst einmal ein großes Labyrinth ebenfalls mit nervigen Fallen ^^. Schafft Ihr auch diese Hürde und könnt den Eimer finden (Hinweis im Spiel) erwartet Euch ein großes Finale !!! Die erste Version stammt noch aus der HL2 Vorversion (mp_myownhouse) nun wurde sie verbessert und steht Euch zu verfügung auf: Attention: If u find a bug or something else, plz send me a mail, thx! COPYRIGHTS by ottelo ^^^^^^^^^^^^^YOUTUBE VIDEO^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^