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dm_lost_base_hd_rc2 (Quake/Unreal style) - HL2DM - A Mod for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch


Release Candidate 2 (February 2018) 4y
  • - Final Version
  • Improvement (General Polish, Features Improved, Optimization, New Textures, Bug Fixes, Tweaks)

Direct Map Download Link:

Also I uploaded the map .vmf Source for learning to my server because I'm nice.
[Note: Download link is packed inside the map .bsp as a .txt file]

Detailed list of updates in this video:

The map checks for the custom commands on map load but only for 1 sec. To guarantee the commands get fired immediately on map load It's recommended to put the commands in the server.cfg or using a map config file like this. 

Also if you don't want the server to temporarily run sv_cheats 1 you can use this plugin to safely run cheats server side (not player/client side)

I've also packed the map VMF source into the map.bsp if mappers want to learn how I've set up special map commands for their maps.
Release Candidate 1 (November 2017) 4y Beta 5 (October 2017) 4y Addition2 Adjustment Amendment Feature2 Beta 4 4y Beta 3 4y

Experience Quake Style Gameplay For Half Life 2 Deathmatch In This Custom Map! [dm_lost_base_hd]

Direct Map Download Link:



This is my sci-fi map inspired by the classic Quake and Unreal Games. I've been working on this map for about 1 year now on and off. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it. =)

Don't forget to leave a Rating and Comment.
Feel free to add the custom map to your HL2DM Servers.


Jump Pads, Speed Ramp, Speed Ladders, Trap Room, Healing Station, Automatic Ground Shield, Hologram Rotating Weapons and Ammo, Blue Light Bridge, Slam Tripwire Detonator, Toggle-able Prop Fly.

Power Ups

Low Grav
Speed (With Sprite Trail)
Drone (A drone will attach to the player and slowly heal plus shield)
125HP Health Booster
Large Suit Armour 
Small Health Vials


Apparently the "map configs" plugin for source mod is very useful for the custom map commands "global_set" to get fired. 
Just putting that information out there as it might be useful for dedicated server owners. 
Source Mod Plugin to help you run global_set commands!  

Choose which commands you want by manually writing them in your server.cfg 

Note: These commands are for custom matches and are all off (0) by default.

Tip: 1 = On/Enable and 0 = Off/Disable)

global_set remove_hint_arrows 1 
Removes the Flashing Sprites Arrows from the Map.

global_set remove_rpg 1 
Removes the RPG Weapon spawn from the Map.

global_set remove_invisible 1 
Removes the Invisible Player Power Up from the Map.

global_set remove_low_grav 1
Removes the Low Gravity Player Power Up from the Map.

global_set remove_speed 1
Removes the Speed Player Power Up from the Map.

global_set remove_invulnerable 1
Removes the Invulnerable Player Power Up from the Map.

global_set remove_drone 1
Removes the Drone Shield Player Power Up from the Map.

global_set remove_phy_cans 1
Removes the Gas Canisters that fly around the Map and explode.

global_set enable_slam_drop 1
Allows players that have died holding the slam to drop the weapon.

global_set enable_rpg_drop 1 
Allows players that have died holding the RPG to drop the weapon.

global_set free_up_90_edicts 1
This frees up 90 edicts by removing most orange sprites and sparks.

global_set screenoverlays_off 1
Displays game text for sound announcements instead of screen overlay text (Textures).

global_set no_player_flash 1
Displays all player models the normal way with no additional flashing effects added.         

global_set alien_mode 1 
Displays all player models to be a bright green colour to make players stand out more. 

global_set alien_mode_no_flash 1
Displays all player models to be a bright green with additional flashing effects added.   

 global_set sm_spawnprotect_on 1
Turns on SM spawn protect pluggin, off by default as it can display all playerso be red!           


                                           Jump Tricks Video!


Source Mod Pluggin to help you run global_set commands!

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dm_lost_base_hd (Tricks/Secrets)
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