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dm_bk_unexpected_dev_2 - A Mod for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

large HL2-DM/TDM "trap-map" somehow portal related, in dev look, with some secrets

hey there, here comes the new one Name: dm_ unexpected_ dev Size: 2688L x 2368W .. 1184H Description: kinda large, somehow(*)-Portal related DM/TDM map, with a lot of traps/gags and some secrets to explore. there is an midsize killbox like area @ maps center, surrounded by some smaller close-combat areas/rooms/hallways. main objective is fun, hide n´seek and/or stalk n´ambush peoples with 14 nasty traps.(**) * (wished, i could have used any original content from portal, to reach true portal ambience... but valve won´t let us^^) ** (sadly it seems to be impossible(or maybe for just me?) to embed a point-counter system for the traps, means no points/kills will be counted if u´re able to ambush someone) Main-features: build for gravitys around 500 +/- 100 (500 is a good value for the jumps in this map) 16 DM spawnpoints / 13x combine +13x rebel TDM spawnpoints 2 lifts (fast enough for jumping in the main-area)... 1 speed-tube (think of it as a lift, for upper level access).. 8 ladders + 7 stairs.. 5 static portals (one way mode only.. entrance orange, exit blue).. 5 secrets.. (ratman rooms) + 14 traps .) Traps: 2x neurotoxin (deadly gas as u know)... 2x melon spitters (spits normal + exploding melons)... 1x nade spitter (spits sharp grenades (2+4 sec delay)... 1x ball spitter (spits single combine ball (no grabbing possible + also kill user on contact)... 1x acid-pit (good to locate @ maps-center)... 1x heat-wave (hot n steamy cooking)... 1x laser cut (greetings from mr. goldfinger)... 1x slicer (2 rotating shredder cylinders in a pit)... 1x crusher (makes u feel like crushed insects do)... 1x windtunnel (sucking turbine power)... 1x balls-pit (hidden ballspawner, death-pit)... 1x suicide button (read the warning sign)... Weapons: 1x pistol... 1x stunstick... 2x crowbar... 4X 357... 4X ar2 (3X orbs)... 5X x-bow... 5X shotgun... 14x grenades... slams, smg nades... Physics: sawblades, oildrums, canister, melons etc [BK] custom skinned explosive barrels Custom physboxes: [BK].. (A)aperture.. (C)combine.. lambda-symbol.. companion-cubes.. + CAKE^^

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