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TTT_Cliff - A Mod for Garry's Mod


1.3 22d
  • BugFix Fixed stuck spot for red key
  • Addition Added clip brush for ladder to make moving it into position easer
  • BugFix Fixed spelling errors in introduction
1.2.1 8mo Addition 1.2 8mo Improvement2 Tweak Addition 1.1 bugfix 10mo BugFix Tweak 1.1 11mo Addition Adjustment5 Improvement2 Removal BugFix

A TTT map based in a building on a cliff! Has 3 hidden keys and a focus on gameplay!

A TTT map based in a building on a cliff! the map is balanced & tested for 4-8 people, but it will probably be fine with more.

!!!Please note that this map modifies the ent_replace lua file in TTT for 2 of the traitor traps!!!
(The sandbox version dose not do this)
if you have a mod that changes that file (which is unlikely) then it might conflict with it! not something that will likely cause a problem but keep that in mind if thing start going wrong.

There are 3 keys on the map to unlock (or lock) certain areas of the map! they are randomly spawned around the map

The red key is the most hidden and requires skill to get to, it unlocks the traitor tester.

The black key unlocks the armory, that contains a lot of guns and ammo, as well as a secret weapon!

The green keycard allows you to close the security doors in the main room, blocking people from going in or out. however there's always another way around for those who can find it!

The Traitors can hire mercenaries to breach the building and hold certain areas, as well as a sniper to pick off innocents not paying attention. but watch out! Just like innocents they cant tell the difference between innocents and traitors!

This map was designed with gameplay in mind, mainly for small amounts of players. The traitor tested requires a randomly spawned red key hidden somewhere on the map requiring skill, or cooperation, to get to. it also takes a long time to test people, as well as the fact the room is easy to C4 and traitors can escape the tester, this makes testing players dangerous for the innocents and not always the best option. The traitor traps are also designed to be fun to counter, with each of them being avoidable and able to be flipped to benefit the innocents if used improperly.

If you have any feedback please leave a comment! have fun!