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rp_sanctuary - A Mod for Garry's Mod

An rp map set in an ex military setting

The Sanctuary. A place of lost hope. Yet it was these places that people found when they escaped the cities. Areas like this to escape what pursued them endlessly. In the beginning was the world, and for a while it spun lazily around the sun, free from interference. But humanity grew cold and paranoid, and satellites were sent up to spy on other countries. Of course, not all these electronic eyes were harmless. Some contained radioactive dusts and killer viruses. On the evening of the 24th March, the earth passed through the debris of an asteroid. The light show was magnificent, yet all those who saw the show woke up the next morning completely blind. Then, one by one, these blind people died. After that following week, half the world’s population were dead. So...the sanctuary. Installation is easy; just drop it into your maps folder in garrysmod directory. If you do not have ep2, it will be missing models and materials. The map itself is designed as an rp map with a power system that was a pain to install. Other features include: - Power Station - Prison area - Biolab - Sawmill - Storage Bunker - And other stuff Credits Map development- IronPhoenix Testers- Agent98, Furbrain NOTES ADDED 05/03/09 The power system is a system whereby most of the different buildings (bar the station) are powered by a single fusion generator. To power the entire base, press the button upstairs in the generator room to start the generator. Then press the three buttons downstairs underneath the main switch room. Each button runs a different area. These can be individually turned on or off. From left to right: Storage power- toggles the lights and door Command power- toggles the cell doors and auto healers Biolab power- toggles the health spawner.
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    Tidux15: Bloom and Sun Beams are created in the "Post Process" menu in-game. But you have to check the little "Check Boxes" and toggle the settings inside the manu. But the key part of it is: YOU HAVE TO HAVE DXLEVEL 90 :) 1 Last Thing: DAMNIT I DON'T HAVE EP2!!!
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    Anyone knows how to make sun beams and bloom etc?
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    Posted by Shirky Please get more screen shots. 2 are not enough
    disapproval removal, kk?
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    Banana I am dissapoint
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    Please get more screen shots. 2 are not enough
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    What's this power system all about? Looks amazing, if I could actually do anything in Garrysmod I'd test it out immediately, but since it *LOVES* crashing me, I'm going to kick my computer repeatedly for the next half-hour.
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