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Freeman's Containment - A Mod for Half-Life


Tiny fixed 11mo
  • Amendment Moved spawnpoint from hard to escape position (Freeman's room)
  • Tweak Fixed textures on the bottom of the main cave.
  • Adjustment Moved one pillar, near the electic room. Did needed
  • - Trying to fix the electric room sound. It should be powerful! Even if that room was added as a placeholder, for my teen mapped map (and it's do good now, I promise!)
A fix update, made in sake of user. I do appriciate the attention of my work, started bloody 20 years ago, and I'm a perfectionist. That spawn point was unnessecary. Other tings are questionable to fix, but I'll keep in mind!
Ver. 1.05 — one big gameplay bug, other visuals 11mo BugFix Improvement2 Tweak Final version! Totally playable and fine tuned. 11mo Overhaul4 Addition BugFix Feature Tweak

The map 18 years in stasis out NOW! 2020

Final (I'm done for now) version! 1.0

Totally playable now!
Vastly changed many details, map itself and gameplay things.
NB — consist couple of childish jokes about 20 years old already.

You will not believe that...
I started playing with HL1 mapping while I was a school kid, about 12 years old.... Played for 8 years (I suppose) and after a 12 years of stasis, I decided to continue. To finalize my very first (approrpriate) map. 18 years passed since I made anything there!

It contain a couple of childish jokes, and a music track (for purpose now), please, find it's trigger button on the map, not listen to it separately. It was made with some kind of Dance eJay in 2001 year also.

There is a bit of a secrets.
Hope someone will enjoy it. I poked the whole damn soul in it.

ClockworkBastard aka Den (aka Nikolay Denisov)
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    Persephone Joined 5y ago
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    What an awesome map. I like it so much, especially the train of your map, because it reminds me of similar train that appears on Half Life Official Map called "Substransit". And killing an opponent while driving it is very fun ^_^

    Therefore, I will present to you the little gameplay from your map. I was playing it on Opposing Force instead of original Half Life, though. You can watch my video here :

    BOT used for this video are :

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    11mo 11mo
    1: can you please move the player spawn from the Freeman Room to another better one please? the freeman room is locked, if i use bot match, it will be trouble for bot player to move on?
    2: Some item spawn incorrectly, like this:



    May I suggest that move these in the Secret Room in the Freeman Room or in the zone opposite of the healing spring + teleport zone?


    this is the bad idea that 3 crossbow ammo spawn here, it will have a chance for incorrectly respawn after several time collected, may i suggest that move these in this zone?

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    11mo 11mo
    Nice brushwork... You seem very orderly and methodical.
    I can see that you actually are a "Clockwork" guy.

    Here is some feedback if you want it:
    1. In the roof. The top of the walls have a "sheet iron roof" texture. That doesn't look so realistic but I don't know If making stuff realistic is your intention anyway.

    If you want to improve that you can just replace the texture in those surfaces with the regular brick texture.

    2. I've noticed that you made the ceilings of some rooms too high... I don't know if that was your intention or it was just a bad calculation of dimensions.

    If you want to make an improvement about that... Whenever you make a huge room you can consider adding some support beams (like the ones in the ceiling of the warehouse from the famous cs_assault map from CS) and a different or bigger wall texture that fits better the size of the room.

    3. Looking at this screenshot I wonder if you use regular light entities or light_surface entities.

    If you don't use light_surface you should.
    light_surface lets you increase the lighting range. In consequence you wouldn't need so many lanterns nor entities and in the end you would gain more fps.

    4. If you dare to use vertex manipulation, you can improve a little those cliffs by cutting them in smaller brushes and then manipulating the vertexes to make them look irregular.

    You seem to be a clever guy so I don't think that you will have many problems improving your works.

    I hope that you keep improving this map until you are proud of it and also I want to see more from you.
    Battle Point Unlimited
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    DTBreezy Joined 5y ago
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    Looking good so far, though if the sound is supposed to play after entering a secret "door", then it appears to be broken.  Either that, or I installed it wrong, which is a distinct possibility.  Excited to see the final product!
    GoldSrc Map Designer
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