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Phantom of Mars - A Mod for Half-Life 2.

You find yourself in a secret research facility. It's your workplace, but today something has gone wrong. The mysterious monolith from Mars is cause of this situation. You must destroy it.
  • Like it do its short and i doenst give me a mars like feeling. Um in the monolith hangar you see a chopper i thought it was space you where in? All in all love it *edit* Um i was wondering could you make a new version where you must go from 1 base trew a broken hallway into the other?
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    Thanks for comments, specially for your reviev Lost, very helpful.
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    Ambience: Just like all maps should be. Dangerous and somewhat eerie. Fun: It was short, but I had fun the whole time, blasting my way through zombies with a twelve gauge. Gameplay: It wasn't that eventful, but it was smooth, in the sense that I never got stuck or frustrated.
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    Not bad, the detail in some areas were pretty good, (second last screenshot for one). The little scene with the antlion guard and the combine soldiers was a nice touch, but that seemed to be the only npc scripted section that I could see; most of the enemies were just standing there until they noticed you or died. There was one issue I had near the start with the vents - took me a few minutes to be able to get into it; crouched and then jumped while pressing forwards seems to be the only way. Should probably fix that by just making the pipe model non-solid to players and use a playerclip box thats level with the bottom of the vent so theres no getting stuck. oh, and your stairs are huge lol, cut the height in half but keep the length as it is and they will look normal. It would be quite the workout going up/down those sets of stairs :P The zombie labyrinth section seemed to be nothing more than a playground for the grav gun - don't get me wrong I did earn an achievement from this map because of it heh - but it was a good 5-10 minutes of the same walls and corridors, while its a maze and all some sense of progress is still good. Coloured stripes on the wall perhaps? or just change in how the walls look from one general area to another, something to let you know if you've backtracked. still, it was an enjoyable little map all the same. Could just use some more scripted sections to go along with those arena like levels with the monolith. Speaking of those arenas, the guard bit was a bit odd with only a black background and a square patch of dirt. Why not just transport the players to that section you could see from the observation window where you first saw it? Good halfhour of play here, I liked it.
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