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Lost Industry - A Mod for Half-Life 2

Far East from City14, in a combine weapon factory...
Metrocops and Combine soliders are securing this place, making sure
everything is safe and nothing goes wrong. Rebel activity is rare thanks
to the facory's defense force. The air is heavy and it's cold, every part
of this facility feels unsafe, it's not made for a man like yourself.
The factory noises never stop, there is no silence. Rumors say that the
combine enslaving citizens and bringing them here where they are treating
them within inhuman conditions. It's time to put an end to this, but be
aware the AirEx facility is not far from your current position, make sure you
breath air in just as many as you need, and don't stick around for too long.

A few words from me:
Hi everyone!
Thanks for checking out my map, I wanted to create a factory themed map,
in my opinion it turned out pretty well. This map started as a test map
where I just build a bunch of indoor stuff, but in midway of development
I was thinking I should make a little psychological horror map what takes
place in a weapon factory.

I'd appreciate if you could download this and try it out for yourself and I'm
looking forward to recieve any fair ratings and feedback. :)
Until next time, farewell!
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    DKgaming Joined 3y ago
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    Really nice map a must say!
    I liked that stealth at the begining! I know that half life 2 has a little stealth like if you sprint or shoot you will be spotted but crouching can make you get past this momment or shoot those guys into head wich will INSTA-kill them
    Women getting shot under the vent gives a good ambience! 
    The outdoor area is very foggy and windy and I died when I was trying to jump over here to find secrets(but there was nothing) I started from start (on the other hand it is good to know that I am not the only one that have problems adding auto-saves lol)
    And the ending location... I took revolver, charged the suit and saved. I died a little bit (4 times) I played on hard. I had to block their way with barrels and just crouched and shot one shotgunner into face with my pistol (he died) and then it was a long encounter with granades and revolvers lol. At the end only one shotguner left and I made a conon out of door that can shoot barrels! This barrel hit him sooo hard!
    Then the turret segment woth too linear just 6 corpses at the same place!
    Map was pretty short but lovely made
    That Gman part gave me goosebumps ... could not run!
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    This reminds me of hl2a`s Airex!
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    Fluffy_ Joined 3y ago
    Hey there, I just stumbled upon your map and thought of giving it a try.

    I will not criticise the map just because you said that it was only a test which kinda developed into a playable map. Instead I would love to give you some feedback for the second installment of Lost Industry because I struggled with similar problems.

    1. Use the darkness
    The first section of the map gave me a little cringe because you aimed for kind-of psychological horror theme, though flooding the first room you spawn in with light.
    In general, try using fewer but more meaningful light.

    2. Lamps, Lightbulbs
    You may add env_sprite, point_spotlight or func_dustmotes to make lamps alot prettier.

    3. Avoid texture repetition
    The steel ladder in the first section has a really noticable texture repetition going on. To fix that, select all surfaces you need and tick "Count as one" in the Texture Application Window.

    4. The woman getting shot in the vents
    This was pretty awesome to be honest. Probs for that! I also would like to see the woman in the second installment, resurrected and equipped with laser weaponry.

    5. Avoid linearity
    Although the map had several dead ends and hidden stuff going on it was very linear, with no alternative ways to completing the goal. I would really love to see some alternative routes, secret and most importantly optional vents/rooms and such.
    Also, the cylindrical room at the end had this door which the combine breached. This kinda created a bottle neck where I just camped behind the door, killing each and every one of them. I would have loved to see some engaging shoot-offs with cover and such.

    Hope these tips kinda helped you because they helped me a lot when I was starting mapping. Also, good luck with Lost Industry 2!

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    Hey dude, finally got the time to play your map !

    Here is just my personal opinion with some little ideas about your map. I'm beginning with some of my impressions when playing the map in chronological order, and after some more "general" stuff.


    First of all, it's not bad at all ! Yeah it's really short (5 mins more or less), but there is not really any bad part but I'm sure they all can be improved.

    Let's start with the beginning. Since it's really short, I think it start a bit too fast. You spawn, you grab a weapon, you open the door and you already kill.
    Maybe explaining the story or making some rooms to illustrate the story ("enslaving citizens", "facility feels unsafe"...) could be interesting before go into action.

    Next, I think the corridor with closed doors is a bit too much useless in a way that you can't even open a single door and there is not anything really interesting. Maybe adding a room or two, or even making a lever to open the vents...

    It's really just a detail, but when you have to use crates to climb up, I suggest you to use undestructable things like barrels instead or wood crates because it feels a bit weird to not being able to not destroy it, you know you'll have to use them later.

    The "underground" part was nice, with a weird sound and a weird ambiance, scary in a way. I think you should make it a bit longer.

    I loved the outside, foggy, cold and nicely made with not too much but enough to looks good.
    However, the factory itself looks too much blocky and flat, with the textures that are too much repeated. I suggest you to add little variations like windows, doors, protuding walls, anything that could break that dullness.

    After that, everything plays pretty nice.
    I've got just one thing with the final part when you can use the turret, is that combines are only comming from one door. It's too easy and simple. You should add more ways to make them reach you. Joeganaut also have a nice idea about that part.

    Also, the end was kind of brutal. I was not expecting to be already over regarding the story. Will it have a part 2 ? Or anything to conclude it ? 
    EDIT : I just translated the code at the end... I guess yes ?

    Anyway, it's short but fun and cool. Let's move to the improvements.

    General improvements

    Like I said, it's short. But I died just after going outside and it's silly, but I was lazy to replay the first 2 mins. What I mean is that you should add autosaves in your map, like before going outside for exemple.

    Ahhh, about the visuals. Overall, it's not looking bad, but it could be way more detailed. The textures, the brushes, the lighting, almost everything is pretty simple.
    You should make different light colors, broken lights, displacements, props, decals, curved walls, textures... Everywhere.

    For exemple, in the 3rd screenshot, I'm not sure the floor texture is the best one. The walls also seems a bit too flat and clean... It lacks decals or props for exemple.

    For the doors, you should use the "door hinges" (I don't know how to say), but the door should not be used directly between two walls. Use the same door texture and surround the door with it for the hinges. It's not a big deal, but it can help improving the details. Here is a picture to be sure I'm clear.

    Another exemple with the 5th screenshot : the stairs are too simple ! You should really remake them by adding a brush on the side to make it alright. Here is an exemple : 

    Let's go back to the "underground scary part". I think it's too much empty and a bit weird after all. When you go out, you see that you are on an "existing floor", somewhere where there could be machines and stuff like that.
    Instead of making displacements with trash texture, I think it could be more appropriate to make some kind of abandoned/deserted or rugged floor with machines. Still in the dark, but with dust, trash, rusty things. Maybe with headcrabs lurking in the dark ?


    Well, I think that's everything I had in mind. Once again, it's just my humble opinion. What you should really focus on are the details. It's a little too simple but I'm sure you can make you're map greater, and longer !

    Also, I tried to be as clear as possible. I probably forgot some things here and there, but it might be a good point to start with.

    And if you've got any question about my review, don't hesitate !
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    Professional Crastination
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  • Hey Peredice! Fun level :) 

    If you're looking for some feedback this is what I've got for you after one play through: You have some unbreakable boards, maybe switch them up for some other blocker on that door as most people will think they are breakable. 

    When you come to the circular room you have  a pretty big combat encounter. It would be cool if I moved into the space and an encounter was triggered. Otherwise I kind of just funneled them through the doorway lol. Maybe have a valve so the player has to move forward into the space and have the combine rush in through side rooms. It'd be cool to have the combine use the turret as well, as that's a pretty common level design trope. Defeat enemy using turret, then get to use it against another wave. Just an idea!

    Oh, and add a slow fade at the end. It's just a cosmetic thing but it smooths the transition out of the level. 

    Overall it was cool! Liked the interiors quite a bit. Good job and keep up the great work buddy! 
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