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[DM] Godforsaken [V] - A Mod for Unreal Tournament 2004


3SPN Friendly Update 1mo
  • Tweak 3SPN Compatible
*This version has everything the original map download on this page does, but with some visual improvements too. Just no weapon locker and solves issues that come up only in the gametypes below.

3SPN refers to any one of 3 gametypes (Freon, Team Arena Master, Arena Master) Freon and TAM have the most active servers in 2021.

It's actually a long story as to why, without this update, it would be disastrous in 3spn gametypes but...
It solves a major issue caused by 3spn choosing path nodes as player starts, leaving a chance of spawning stuck floating in the air.
No weapon locker.

Download exclusively on GoogleDrive
Final Update 1y Improvement Zip File Updated 1-5-2020 2y BugFix

* Past environments of mine can be found at this profile and my previous account which I lost my login for and cannot recover.
* All 22 Screenshots of this map are available in a folder of my Google Drive at 3840 x 2160 if interested (nothing against Game Banana - I love this place - but it allows 2560x1440 max for 16:9 resolutions)
* Resolutions for UT2004 can be set beyond what is available in settings. To do this, use the command (setres 1920x1080) in console. (or whichever resolution you would like)

al!eN ([V]assacrE) Breed

Style - Size - BackstoryA medium sized Deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament 2004 which brings tight close quarters action and has a theme of realism of an aged and beat up battle arena, buried into guarded sands, reclaimed by aliens who enslaved humans to be their builders, their food, and their entertainment. Following its success in their planet-wide tournament broadcasts, the stage has been renovated for the years upcoming season.

- Every weapon is as powerful as any other inside this close quarters, in your face combat. The map is able to shower players with an oversupply of helpful items without overpowering them; Many times, it's required to continue surviving the level of danger.

          From refinements in game-play and pickups to countless areas given additional layers of detail in textures, lighting, emitters, coronas, geometry, static meshes, and sounds, there's a lot of fresh stuff to be enjoyed in 5.0
- It's an update to bring an entirely new level of detail and functionality to the map. It's packed with changes to the visuals and I've done everything I can think of to make the game-play more comfortable and lively.
- As for new pathways, there isn't much in the way of that. However, you're now able to take a new little path where you can drop down onto the double damage or lurk above for kills.

- Jump Boots:
- Jump boots are still in the same 6 somewhat hidden locations. Most only offer 1 boost each now but the two most hidden give 3 and 2, stackable to 3.
(If you have charges left, jump boots activate when you press your jump key, so if wanting to avoid using them for a period of time, you can dodge first and every jump thereafter, until you touch the ground again, will not activate the jump boots.) Useful to keep in mind when there are ceilings above your head sitting lower than the boost height of the boots.
- Other movement options; a rope ladder and three areas with climbable vines.

Tips + Spoilers:
*There's a lightning ammo pickup that respawns every 15 seconds.
*A super adrenaline pickup in the cage. (awards full adrenaline)
*Collect health vials floating here and in blue gravity shaft area, where you'll also find a keg.
*Seek out one of the teleporters with a little red sphere inside to be sent to the cage where ammo is lined up in rows for each weapon. This ammo respawns every 120 seconds rather than every 30 which is default. When you exit, you'll receive a link gun and redeemer if it is spawned.
*The teleporters are more useful to get around the map, as there are less than take you to the cage above. The 3 that do can be found easily, as they are all on one side of the map. They are now marked with a red sphere inside them. (aside from the one in the blue gravity pulling area) It's a good idea to charge up rockets or something just before passing through these.
*A secret tele gives you jump boots and takes you across the map to drop directly onto the 150 shield pickup where there is also rare grenade launcher ammo and the only grenade launcher is nearby.
*Above higher up tele in green terrain area is a pair of boots and 20 adrenaline.
*The most hidden jump boots can be uncovered by shooting a tan colored stone part of a wall which will open up to reveal the only pair with 3 charges.

File Size:
- The compressed zip file in the download is 126mb
- Once unzipped, it's 271mb

- Contributing to the file size is rich decoration and textures that rarely repeat. The map uses a massive array of textures, many of which are 1024x1024 resolution. Multiple areas with similar layouts have a very different look since I've combined so many detailed brushes and custom model assets. There is also a whole lot of intricacy to the lighting.

FPS sits between 70-150.

*It is very playable at max settings with a resolution of 1920x1080 and an FOV of 106. (You can find my PC Specs to the left of the page at my profile by clicking my joker picture.)
Quick summary: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SC 4GB and AMD Ryzen 7 1700 - 8 Cores - 16 Threads - 3000Mhz
Though typically everywhere else is far higher, there are dips down to slightly less than 60fps in certain areas of the map momentarily, only during combat.

Files Included and Installation Instructions:

- Map File:
DM-Godforsaken-[V]-.ut2 (goes into your Maps folder)
- Texture Packages:
*CBP2-Pasargadae-Tex.utx (goes into your Textures folder)
*PandemoniumTex01_2k4.utx (goes into your Textures folder)
*UT3UN_CubeMaps.utx (goes into your Textures folder)910kb
(The engine was 100% discovered to be bugging out in handling the transfer of some textures over into the map file itself. Otherwise I would not have had to include the two larger texture packages with the download.)

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    Much more playable. I don't know that there is a fix for the trap so that bots don't get stuck, besides just delete this section... maybe replace room with just a power-up? Or something removes the bots ? Then no bots get stuck. Map is much more playable now even with this prob. Also it is gorgeous, totally worth it just to look around. The map size is crazy but it is also crazy pretty :D
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  • These graphics are way beyond 2004! I wanna look everywhere at once. & each match is a good time with all kinds of situations that happen. Bots really are smart. I'll be entertained for a while.
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    End Boss
    Great work!
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