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CTF-Rell - A Mod for Unreal Tournament 2004

Two small bases are connected by a pressure chamber, with multi-layered z-axis fighting.

This map was a bit of a gamble, but I knew it was something I would have to make eventually. The idea of a CTF map with a quick route between the bases with a trap trigger on both sides was something I'd been trying to make for years, and after three maps I wound up scrapping, here it is. This one turned out a lot differently than I had always envisioned it in my mind- but I'm happy with how it came out. I made a few risky decisions with the gameplay, and the map is crazy when things are in full swing, but that's how I like it. It was originally slated to be a part of the 2007 release of the Kranial Games map pack; but I finished a couple weeks too late, and didn't make it in. The level never saw full release, but now that I'm uploading all my old work to new sites, I put another six or so hours into the level to clean up a few nagging BSP holes, fix up the center, and get everything working properly. The pumping soundtrack to the level is Grey Matter by Zynthetic; find his website at . The song was composed for the Kranial Map Pack, which this level was not finished in time to be a part of. The lift meshes in the bases were made by BobTheBeheader. Thanks so much! Thanks to everyone who playtested the map, especially Nereid, whose feedback was invaluable. Many of the sublime textures used in the level were made by Hourences, as a part of his Kraden pack. Check out his site at , he's incredibly skilled, and has given a lot to the UT community.
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    These levels are mostly pretty old, though I did touch this one up before releasing it here. :P The trap room depressurizes everything inside. The bots aren't great with the trap, unfortunately- I tried setting up some scripts for it, but there is only so much I can do without rewriting how the bots work. They do press it now and then, but not nearly as often as I would like; and they tend to ignore the danger of the pressure volume.
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    theres still people making maps for ut 2k4 :D awesome !!! what happens in the trap room? i only tried with bots they never press the button...
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