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CTF-Coldsnap - A Mod for Unreal Tournament 2004

A besieged military outpost hosts the site of a battle while the snow pours in.

The invasion of this remote military outpost has bogged down in the middle of a fierce winter cold snap, and now both sides are duking it out in the frozen wastes with what weapons they have left, while the nuclear plant in the distance smoulders ominously. This map was originally made for the NaliCity Floorplan Challenge, where the level had to incorporate a keyboard character into the level. I chose $, and the layout matches that seen from above. I didn't win, but I'm relatively proud of this map, especially given the relatively tight time constraints with which I was working. This is the first map I'd made that was set outdoors, and it shows. The terrain is pretty rough (or rather, not so pretty) and there are definitely a lot of rough edges. Still, it's fairly fun to play even with bots and it looks decent, which is all I can really ask for.
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    First, thanks for the feedback, both here and on my other levels. It feels really good to get any sort of response at all, and I especially appreciate you taking the time to give thoughtful feedback. I agree with you about the blocking volumes; playing through again after so long, they feel fairly arbitrary, and though I don't think you're missing out that much by not being able to get into the back of the warehouse, it definitely should be doable. If I recall, the only reason they were there is that the map was part of a contest with a ruleset that governed the layout, and that was my reason. If you think it's worthwhile, I can update this release and remove those blocking volumes. The fog doesn't look great either, I agree with that too. I did actually match up the fog colour to the sky; but the unlit terrain in the skybox doesn't match properly, and makes it look bad. For that matter, the terrain in the skybox looks pretty bad anyway.
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    I like the concept and look of this map, well done. The crashed vehicle scene is particularly nice. I realize this is a map you made several years ago, but I think it's still worthwhile to give some constructive criticism and suggestions. The biggest issue I found while exploring the level were the fairly arbitrary blocking volumes (invisible walls) in the two flag bases. I understand they are there for gameplay reasons (I did something similar in one of my first maps) but it is both frustrating and disappointing to see two huge rooms that you can't explore and use. While there are some vehicles lined up somewhat approximating the invisible walls, another visual representation, such as a fence, plywood or sheet metal laying against the vehicles, or even piles of junk would have made the walls more logical and acceptable. I commented on another map yesterday, DM-NoEscape about the sky and level fog not matching up very well, and most of what I said applies to this map too. In this case I would suggest setting up a fog ring mesh around the level, then adjusting the fog and the sky to match color so they blend into the fog smoothly.
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