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Colorful Skills+ - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 2.0 3mo
  • Addition Added colors to all inventory items
  • Addition Added Red Mudo variant for P5 superfans
  • Adjustment Renamed to Colorful Skills+
Version 1.0.1 4mo Tweak

Colors the icons for Persona Skills in battle.

This mod colors the icons for Persona Skills and inventory items.

The colors for each icon were taken from Persona 5, with a few changes:
  • Mudo Skills are colored purple instead of red to match how they look in P4G. If you prefer the color in P5, download the Red Mudo variant of this mod.
  • Equipment is colored yellow instead of red to match the P4 theme color.
  • Non-elemental Skills (healing, buffs/debuffs, status effects) all use the same icon in P4, so they are all colored bright green.

Due to an issue with texture translucency that can't be fixed, the icon colors are unchanged in the Persona menu and look a bit funky in the Skill menu outside of battle (see the last screenshot above for an example).
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    Oooh, new mod! I'll try right now!
    About the unsolvable errors:
    1 - I was kinda expecting this one, makes sense
    2 - I'm not sure I understand this one
    3 - This one, I'm guessing it's because the yellow background blends with the colours of the skills. Is that the problem that would happen in #2 too? Either way, I can see why that's unsolvable
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