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Broken Knuckles - A Mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R.


HCZ softlock fixes 6mo
  • Addition Made level design changes to fix softlocks in HCZ

knuckles broke

This mod remakes Broken Knuckles in Sonic 3 AIR. Pressing left or right will kill Knuckles, so you can only move by gliding and spindashing, and you can only turn around by gliding to a wall and jumping off of it. If that's too hard for you, you can switch to the "modern" style on to make things easier. There are a few changes with the modern style, with the main one letting you turn around with the A button. However, it only works when you're at an absolute stop. The other main change is giving Knuckles a SA2-like glide, letting you do things like gliding after walking off a platform and gliding cancelling into another glide. There are also slight level design changes to help reduce softlocks, but these are always on rather than being an option. With these changes, all of Knuckles' story is playable. Death Egg is impossible because of the hover thing, it won't be changed because it's not in Knuckles' story.