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Sonic 3 Complete Music and Title Screen/Card - A Mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R.


C.A.R is Dead Update 5mo
  • Removal All links minus those on the current list.
  • Adjustment Volume on the S&KC themes have been adjusted.
The Big (Kinda) One 11mo Addition Improvement Adjustment2 Overhaul Removal3 Version 3.03 12mo Addition4 Tweak Version 3.02 12mo Addition Improvement Version 3.01 1y Addition3

All the features of S3C in S3AIR

Hold up, What happened to C.A.R/A.I.C?
Gone, it hadn't been updated in a while anyway, this meant it was pretty outdated, and as of recent a new list has been made that will be kept more up-to-date.

This Includes removing links of deleted mods, like I failed to do when Bluestreak deleted his S3C Physics Change mods (CD Spindash,S1 Speedcap), as far as they've told me they'll be remaking them into a Physics Customizer, and the S3C Changes will be brought back. 

So I suppose have fun waiting for that. So this will sort of become a download for the S3C mods I recreated/made for AIC, they have been updated one final time to account for the fact that C.A.R is basically dead.

Also yes this does mean I will be removing the S3C links that are in the list those that aren't in the list yet will remain, in case any moderators want to add the mods from this they're missing.

Mods included are:
Sonic 3 Complete Title Screen
Yes a S3C Title Screen is included but it's not this one:

Namely because nobody wants to make the above a reality as it would require basically separating the S3K rom back into S3 and S&K but doing so after AIR performs the initial file size check.

On top of that more issues may arise, and making the seperate games selectable is basically pointless anyway. 

Sonic 3 AIR has a level select unlocked from the get-go combine that with the option to choose between S3 and SK Level Layouts, and you basically have S3K,S3,and SK both together and separate.

Plus Blue Sphere is an unlockable secret, and you can play it once it's unlocked, which from memory isn't hard to do, I think it's one of the first things you unlock matter of fact.

The only real difference off the top of my head is not having the S3 Credits Screen, or S&K Logo in the Ending.  

Which as the link above suggests one of these has a mod so I can only presume that eventually the other will too.

TL;DR It's not a full fledged recreation of S3C's Title screen, more a reimagining. It does use the Dark Palette Seen for the Title Screen's background during the "Sega" Logo though, and does replace "Angel Island Revisited" with "Complete".

Sonic 3 Complete Title Cards
Technically, S3C doesn't have a Title Card and it just picks one of the 3 based on Game Choice, unless it's Sonic 3 & Knuckles in which case it will simply display Sonic 3's Title card.

This can be done through Veenee's Title Card Customizer but using that same mod I've edited AIR's title card to say "Sonic 3 Complete" instead. I did this for presentation sake.

Classic Themes 
As simple as it says, it's the classic themes used in Sonic 3 Complete, I downloaded KEGA Fusion and recorded them from there, this effectively making them more accurate

Themes Included are:
Classic Menu
Classic Title
Classic Invincibility
Classic Credits and Endpose Themes
Classic Game Over
Classic Act Clear
and Classic Extra Life.

Now about the Menu theme, this is subject to change it's from TheLegendofRenegade, so credit to him, and no offense but it sounds "Screechy" It's likely to be replaced with this more ear-easy remix by RemixisXG who only has 14 subscribers:

I'd definitely reccomend checking him out not all of his remixes are hits but he could use some constructive criticism to improve.

Sonic 3 Complete's S&K Collection Themes
Basically this goes over the Prototype themes and includes the following:
Carnival Night
Icecap Zone
Launch Base Zone
Knuckles' Theme
Competition Menu
Unused Theme (at this point confirmed to be Super Sonic's Theme, thanks to 1103)
Invincibility (Uses a sample the original S3K didn't use)

As of right now the themes not in are:
Sonic 3's Ending Theme
The 2 Zone Medlies  (One has already been done but the other hasn't so if I can I'll add it.)

Credits to all who contributed to C.A.R even those who contributed through Linking:
Mcginnis03 (Contributed: Sonic Sprite Fixes,Sonic 2 Sprites, Sonic 2 Shield,Stylized Tails) 
LegoBouwer9 (Contributed: CNZ Beta Button, HPZ Outro + Knuckles fights Knuckles)
Mr.Grassman14 (Contributed via linking: General Bug Fixes, Sonic 3 Complete Super Sonic,)
Veenee (Contributed via linking: Zone-Dependent Icons, Title Card Elements Customizer, LB to MH Transition)
BluestreakMods (now known as just "Bluestreak")
Lave Slime (Contributed via Linking: Bonus Stage Counter, Detransformation on Death, Casual Mode, S3A Data Select)  
Airway1 (Contributed via Linking: Easy Mode)
Aura/Roki3263 (Contibuted via Linking: Original Zone Order, credit to LegoBouwer9 all the same)
NGI (Contributed via Linking: FBZ Night Palette, S3 FBZ Icon)

The below links are the mods that haven't been added to the current list yet:
Sonic 3 Complete (No Customizer)
Sonic 3 Complete (Customizer Patches)

Sonic 2 Sheild by mcginnis03 (Has since been improved by Bluestreak)

So basically C.A.R is dead, go home.
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