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Playable Darth Vader mod - A Mod for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Feel the power of the dark side!

Hi everyone! Sharing another interesting mod for another interesting game called Star Wars The Force Unleashed. This mod allows you to play as Darth Vader in single player campaign. And basically this is a modified save game file, which contains information about your progress in the game. But, because Darth Vader wasn't playable in PC version of this game originally, you couldn't play as him. But you could do that in console versions of the game, as far as i know. But now, you can also do it in PC version too. And yes, Darth Vader will have his on moves and combos. Well, that's all what i wanted to say. Have fun!

How to install and use:
1. Download this file.
2. Unpack it in to My Documents/Aspyr/Star Wars The Force Unleashed/
3. Start the game, go to LOAD GAME menu and load first slot with mission of Felucia. After it loaded and you see that you started this mission as Darth Vader, from this point, you can select any other mission and play it as Darth Vader.

WARNING! This mod isn't perfect, which means that there is a lots of bugs. For example, Darth Vader can't do any QTE normally, so instead of doing stuff he will just stand there, without any reaction on your buttons while QTE is happening. Also he doesn't have a double jump, but he has a long high jump, which i don't remember how to do but, you can figure it out. Also you can't play any DLC mission as Darth Vader, and sometimes, when you beat certain mission, the game will reset you back to Starkiller, which means that next mission that you will be switched to, you will play as Starkiller and not Darth Vader. So i recommend to not fully beat the mission you are currently playing, and when you reach to the final segment of the mission, just pause the game and select next mission, to avoid been reset back to Starkiller. And the last thing that you should know is that, Darth Vader's chocke doesn't work for some reason. So don't try to perform it, or else he will freeze on the place and will do a moonwalk, which you can cancel by pressing some buttons.

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