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Bowser's Fury Floor Is Lava - A Mod for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.

Turns the entire game into lava!

Heya! This mod has been created for the Bowser's Fury mode and turns the entire game into lava! Not every single shine is possible, but you can get 86 shines total! If you manage to get more, good job! I would love to see how you did it, and you can join my discord here!

Wanna watch someone play this mod? Check people out here!
My own playthrough (Amethyst-szs)

Unfortunately most future plans with the project have been canned, however the Fury Bowser boss battles have been updated to include instant kill lava!

Hope you enjoy the mod! If you need help playing or installing the mod, my discord is linked above!
  • Craftyawesome avatar
    Craftyawesome Joined 4y ago
    600 points Ranked 53,961st
    This is a fun mod. The vanilla game is short and left me wanting more, but this scratched my itch for more Bowser's Fury. It makes you think differently on how to get shines and is also harder than the base game.

    I've already posted this to the discord, but I've gotten 93 shines. You can see the ones that that I've gotten over Mayro's 86 (previous best) either by checking the discord, or searching for my YT playlist.
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  • Jayy89890 avatar
    Jayy89890 Joined 2y ago
    Hey This is an incredible mod and ive had so much fun with it but they're are some shines that are impossible to get such as the key in scamper shores Im pretty sure if you just place some normal ground below it I think it would be possible to get the shine Other than that its a great mod!

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