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DJ Map Helper - A Mod for Celeste


v1.8.31 For To the Mars 3mo
  • Tweak BadelineProtector reappears after retry, when the boss is defeated
  • BugFix Reducing the interval of the seekerboos coins respawn
  • BugFix Player flashes after skipping BadelineBoostTeleport cutscene
v1.8.23 7mo Tweak BugFix v1.8.20 8mo BugFix2 Tweak v1.8.18 10mo Addition BugFix2 v1.8.14 11mo BugFix Addition Tweak
The code can be found here:


  1. Download and put the .zip file into the Mods folder. If you're just playing with other maps that require this Helper, do only this.
    Add a dependency to the DJMapHelper like so:
- Name: YourModName Version: 1.0.0 (Your mod's version) Dependencies: - Name: Everest Version: 1.808.0 (Everest version your mod runs on, at least 808) - Name: DJMapHelper Version: 1.0.0
  1. Restart Ahorn for the entities and triggers list to update (You can use the debug dropdown if you have it enabled)
  • Colorful Feather
  • Colorful Feather Barrier - Only go through if you're flying in the same color
  • Colorful Refill 
        black: +dash -stamina or -dash +stamina. If no stamina and no dash, die.
        blue:   only +stamina.
        red:     only +dash.
  • Final Boss Reversed - Badeline boss which won't lock camera. Used for going from right to left.
  • Fling Bird Reversed - Fling madeline to the left.
  • Start Level Spawn Point - Used in cases where the start room has multiple spawn points. Search for a spawn point near this entity when the chapter begins.
  • Oshiro Boss Right - Oshiro Boss from right to left. 
  • Play Sprite - Play the sprite in Sprites.xml (Madeline's hair is not yet supported).
  • Temple Gate Reversed - Used for going from right to left
  • Theo Crystal Barrier - Like Seeker Barrier except for theo. 
  • Badeline Protect Trigger - Summon Badeline to protect you.
  • Change Boss Pattern Trigger - Change Badeline Boss's attack pattern.
  • Climb Blocker Trigger - Completely banning interaction with walls means you can't wall jump and climb
  • Kill Box Trigger  - Die instantly when enters.
  • Color Grade Trigger   - Change the color grade.
  • MaxDashes Trigger - Change the max dashes.
  • Snowballs Left Trigger  - SnowBalls going to the right.
  • Teleport Trigger  - Teleport player to the assigned room.
  • Temple Gate Reversed - Used for going from right to left


  • Artain - Provide pictures of the feathers.
  • Exudias - His mods taught me a lot about writing new entities and stolen this README from him.
  • Hyper - Source of the idea for feather barrier.
  • meiyou - Source of the idea for climb blocker trigger.
  • HigashiD - Source of the idea for temple gate reversed and creator of Colorful Refill.
  • Juanpa98ar avatar
    Juanpa98ar Joined 2y ago
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    I don't know if it's a bug or it's the game's programming, but when using ClimbBlockerTrigger it's not possible to jump on the walls holding Theo's crystal. Fun fact with the trigger: If you keep the jump button you can slowly slide down the walls (Action that Madeline normally does when you do not climb a wall), but if not, you will simply slide as if they were the frozen mechanisms of the core.
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  • TheColdMayor avatar
    TheColdMayor Joined 2y ago
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    What versions of Everest does this work with? I downloaded it on Mac so it's a real pain to redownload, and I don't want to lose anything. Those are some of the versions I have, it usually doesn't work though... Celeste always just freezes and crashes after 10 seconds of playing a chapter, even if it doesn't use DJ Map Helper.
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