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GhostNet - A Mod for Celeste


1.2.1 + Net 1.3.12 3y
  • BugFix Undo all changes since Net 1.3.8
1.2.1 + Net 1.3.10 3y Improvement 1.2.1 + Net 1.3.9 3y BugFix 1.2.1 + Net 1.3.8 3y Tweak BugFix 1.2.1 + Net 1.3.7 4y BugFix

Enjoy Celeste in an online multiplayer experience! Formerly known as "GhostMod, the time trial mod."


Please stop using GhostNet. Instead, use CelesteNet.

Original text:

This is an Everest sample mod. The source code is available on GitHub.

Enjoy Celeste with your friends! Race and bop each other in a great multiplayer experience.

If you want the single-player time trial experience, open the .zip (don't extract it) and delete GhostNetMod.dll.

This mod requires Everest 0.0.400+

This was previously "GhostMod", which still serves as the ground work for GhostNet.

The default server, which should be online 24/7, is - if it's offline, please go to and if that doesn't work either, check the ghostnet channel in the Celeste Discord.

Press T to talk.
Use the right stick for emoji. Click it to send it. They can be set up in the settings file (Celeste/ModSettings/GhostNetMod.yaml).
Press tab or select / back to open the player list.
Use /help in the chat for a list of all commands.

To host your own server, run Celeste.exe with --headless --server as arguments or "connect" to localhost, and forward the port 2782 TCP and UDP on both your firewall and router.
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    Rebecca Joined 2y ago
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    My ghostnet is broken. I changed the "celeste.0x0.ade" or whatever it was, and now it's broken. Any idea of how to fix it?
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    Macaroni Boi Joined 2y ago
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    how do i get back the default emotes?
    Living Bruh Moment
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    It's very surprising that someone actually managed to create a mod that allows people to connect with an unofficial server and play with friends. Considering vanilla Celeste is a single player only game, this is a new approach to the game.

    I'm having a lot of fun breezing through maps with friends or trolling them by bonking into each other, it's definitely a different way to have fun in the game. You also can play custom maps with other people!

    The only problem is that the servers have a tendency to lag or crash occasionally, but the GhostNet staff responds quickly to reports, so a server usually isn't down for very long. Even though it's not perfect, I'm still having a lot of fun with this mod.
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  • How can i download everything? is ther a guide to help me know what to do and when to do it?
    Please i need asistance
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    VinhRukito Joined 3y ago
    I can't see other people :(

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    genesisretake Joined 3y ago
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    how do i run celeste with the argument?
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