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Losky Basics - Learn Your Luck Skills! - A Mod for Baldi's Basics


Port Update [Version 2.4] 2y
  • Addition Port the mod from 1.4.1b to 1.4.3
  • Feature Speedy Sandals makes you faster
  • Addition Hatty Teleports you in Principal Melanie's Office
  • Addition Two more math problems added! (Example 5 + 8 + 9, and 2 + 5)
  • Feature Added one more secret code.
  • Removal Typing the Birthday Code no longer makes the schoolhouse purple
  • Addition Font Change
  • Addition Number count is now colored to be Blue
  • Improvement Warning Screen updated to be related to the game instead of voices
  • Addition comic00 texture updated with a small comic on the top.
  • Improvement A few spelling/grammer errors fixed
Medium Update - [Version 2.3] 3y Addition3 BugFix Improvement4 Suggestion2 Mini Update - [Version 2.2] 3y Improvement3 BugFix Addition Mini Update - [Version 2.1] 3y Improvement Addition2 BugFix [Version 2] 3y Improvement5 BugFix2 Addition7 Removal

[What is Losky's Basics?]

Its an Education game base on your math skills and course your luck skills. (Most importantly, its a mod of Baldi's Basics) Your goal is to collect all numbers for your friend, speaking of that. I'll tell you who you are in this mod.

[Who are you in this mod?]

You are "Larry", he won't really talk soon in-game. He is only here in this schoolhouse to collect all his dumb friend's 7 numbers. [Read the story in the mod to find out why!]


(these are also shown up there but here's a mini one I guess?) 

Voice Credits: Moonimilk, Maya, Melanie.Z, and myself.

Music Credits: Saintza (he made the school, learn, and playtime music) [THANK YOU!!!!], myself also (I made the Musical Piano Music)

People's ideas that were given to me: Le Billy (for the ceiling), Melanie (for most of the things), Maya (For the Story and the making the character Larry!), MooniMilk (for the 7 walls), and MasterGeorge090 for color text!

[Is this even finish?]

Yes, this mod is now finished since my sister [Moonimilk] has voiced Ariana!

Why couldn't the actual Ariana voice herself? Well, she just can't reach to me to record her voice so yeah...
[I Can't understand the text to speech thingy? ]

I can see you can't really understand any characters like C.C, Hatty, Artist, and Miss Cindy
well here's what they said in the mod!

*WARNING: Spoilers!*
Artist:Looks like is time to paint everything beautiful! Gotta Paint thing Beautifully!

C.C:There you are! I Have been looking for you all day! My Senpai! Ready or not,here i come!, Senpai! You can't hide forever... i'm scanning around this schoolhouse! Frick...i have lost you senpai!
Oh no! Where did you go?!?! Don't leave me alone!!!! Hugging is caring, Senpai! I Love senpai!

Hatty:What?!!? You have more numbers than me? Get Out of my face right now!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR [loops]

Miss Cindy:Is this working? Hello?, Can you hear me? Larry? Ok great you could! You may know me as the woman talking in the speaker,but i actually have something to say... Come to Loskys Office Please... 

Larry?, is that you?, oh yes it is you!, glad to see you here larry, you may be asking why i am not corrupted right now,! well is because i have this horrible speaker thing,! it doesn't work right for some reason!!!!, anyway aside of that, i have to tell you about whats so wrong about being around here. The Exit sign is broken if you saw that from the start and end. that tells you something is really really is wrong! Even worse! Loskys Voice sounds like a demon inside!!!! Woah!! That is really scary!! ever since the old version of this mod! things gets worse and worse!! More bad things keeps coming and coming! oh gosh! Whats that? Yeah i know theres a poster about me be hide me! Yes i have powers in case of anything goes wrong...lets see what else is wrong with this schoolhouse... Oh right! the sevens all over the place! what the heck!!!! i don't know what else to say but please don't come back and play this ever again! destory this horrible game! Never come back larry... if you come back...i have to use my powers so you could get outta here for good... 
This Game will close in... 5, 4,... 3, 2, 1, Goodbye!

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