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Major Trainers Rework (Plus Raid) - A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield


Crown Tundra Build 27 2mo
  • BugFix Fixed Mustard's Kubfu encounter from casting struggle all time
Well, idk what I did, but Kubfu's moveset was broken in the towers. I even double checked the move and it was there, yet it just fails to use it. It seems the battle is scripted and cannot use other moves than destinated ones. I did "remove" the mod for the encounter, it works... But it also make it weaker than I intended. Well, there could be better solution which I don't know yet, but... Better than struggling... For now...

Edit: Decided to completely stop making new features and completely goes on finalizing the datas. Will only work on bugfixing and tournament minor from now on. No more hidden major to work to (let's face it, Nintendo ditched this game to release BD/SP, we can't have voltorb here).
Crown Tundra Build 26 2mo Adjustment BugFix Crown Tundra Build 25 2mo Adjustment2 Crown Tundra Build 24 3mo BugFix Adjustment Crown Tundra Build 23 5mo BugFix

Make Major Trainer's encounters memorable

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT when reporting a bug: 
-If you report a bug, make sure you able to get in touch in daily basis or it's going to be deleted. Will be in touch via DMs.
-Saving issue are usually your sided, as I also test this myself before posting an update.
-Do complete checkup before posting a bug in issue tracker.
-While this is Yuzu safe. Test ON SWITCH! Not on emulator. Any bugs found in emulator shall be handed by emulator's devs and not my issue anymore. Again, I have both switch and Yuzu, but sometimes, emulator is making the trouble, instead of the mod. Don't get me wrong, you can still play on Yuzu, but I don't want to hear people complaining from emulator that this crashes Leon fight, etc. After several Yuzu updates (at least EA 2189), I checked that you can play from start to finish without issue. Just close MSI Afterburner.

Please read the license (short, it won't take you more than 3 mins) before downloading

Finally finished my Major Trainers Rework (first mod, but with at least experience in Pokémon since ruby) for Sword/Shield (romfs, read below).

Tired getting rival fights that feels "too easy" and ridiculous Pokémon gym leaders that only bring 2 or 3 Pokémons to fight while he/she carries 6 Pokéballs ? The mod was made to make major encounters memorable, and with these questions in mind:
-What if Hop catch Pokémon aggressively as he found those on the route?
-What if those major trainers encounter use full team (6 Pokémons)? What would they use? 
-What items that gym leader would let their Pokémons hold item?
-What if EV that those major trainers Pokémon have scales with their level?
-What if those major trainers have good moveset (pretty competitive)?
-What happened if we set the major trainers AI bit to max, and allow them to switch pokemons? (Suprise! They aren't allowed to in original code because of their flag)

The curve was made to follow the game leveling with slight smoothing and tweaks.
Hop only bring Pokémons he could catch at the new route and any previous routes + places he can visit

Compatible with latest game version (right now 1.3.2) and probably support 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 as well. Not backward compatible to lower version anymore.

BONUS: Major Raid Teammates.
Major Raid Teammates here means that they also follow into Raids, using the same AI and similar (same but no area attacks) competitive sets, making your raids easier. Remember that their level is 70% of yours and I can't change it. Unless I change some of game codes (not data like these) or give unfair stats to the pokemons, it will stay this way. While this is good enough on normal raids, but you rather get real people playing especially to reach 100 level on max raids.

Details (minor encounter spoilers included):
1. The tutorial hop Pokémons and starter Pokémon stats and ability you got depends on which branch you download. There's no major difference between those aside from Pokémon gifts and that tutorial.
2. Hop start using TMs later in the journey, expect him starting to use competitive movesets after beating Milo.
3. Champion rematch are designed to be level 100s for the rematches
4. Ms. Honey 5.6M Watts match is level 100
5. Morinomoto is also level 100 match, using 6 pokemon that i specially design to be hardcore (but legal), expect the worst.
6. Mustard's post game rematch is level 100
7. Isaac also uses 6 pokemons at 100 level, 5 from the original rotom evolutions and one in same theme (not same type). Go figure what is it.

8. As Major Raid Teammates, now those Major Trainers are going into Raid Pools too, while non major one replaced to make room. At current state, all Raid members are tweaked to follow the game's attribute (competitive moveset, 510 EV, 31 perfect IVs), well maybe not the best Raid mod... but that's what you should expect from any majors, they bring the notable pokemon they use in the journey too and I tweaked that to the point it's just as deadly as their 100 level moveset in the end game.
9. Level curve made by my second walkthrough, with guide below (in progress). The curve may smoothing later if I find the npc are overleveled on normal journey. The curve is done by using a fixed pokemon party since route 2 and didn't swap often until I get legendaries. Doesn't battle random pokemons often (only if it's unavoidable) and battled all minor NPCs instead. If you tend to switch pokemons, it's up to you to bring the pokemon back to the state it should be by battling random pokemons.
10. Don't expect the game will be forgiving, play the game the right way, use pokejobs and etc. Don't speedrun, plan your path to victory.

Contains trainers folder and messages/trname (trainername, must be updated each dlc release, but won't corrupt the update, other than missing names).

Vanilla is the original version where this mod designed to be in the release, without addition of pokemon gifts alteration and tweaks to make it even better. It is pokehome safe.

Tweaked branch uses version specific stuff, such as Pokémon gifts (such as starter or Pokémon hand in from other npc) and thus making some Pokémon from these gifts not legal. The Pokémon gifts based on sword but should work in shield as well (same starter, same kubfu, etc). While this is the best experience, this may break updates that arrived before this can be updated. Updating to newer version may take 1-3 days so if you are patient or you know how to delete these "version specific" stuff you can go this branch.

For the tweaked branch, if you wanna play when new version released when this mod aren't updated yet, delete the script_event_data. This restores the Pokémon gifts and allow you to continue.

Basegame: Initial release (i mean whole game without dlc, includes post game).
Isle of Armor: Released as updates
Crown Tundra: Released as updates

Level Curve:
Basegame: 1-70 (yep, still as original!) zamazenta/zacian level is 70 and impossible to change without making more trouble. The side effect could be huge and will be slide all the level curve too, hence I think this level curve is best for now.
Isle of Armor: 70-75 (excludes the kubfu training twin fist tower level untouched, just evo-ed and changed moveset version of what it was to reflect a challenge at higher level)
Crown Tundra = 76-80
Rematch: 100

WIP: Champion minor rematch (unfinished, 7/15 changed, contributions welcome!)

NPC Trainers on champion rematch:
-Peony # Trainer #274 & #402
-Klara # Trainer #276 & #404

Included Gamebanana Trainers on champion rematch (and special thanks to them!):
Xpok  & AngryCinnabon - Trainer #270 & #398 in gamefiles
Christiansw (myself) - Trainer #272 & #400 in gamefiles
BearadactylPrime - Trainer #275 & #403 in gamefiles
Nexus_Orpheus - Trainer #277 & #405 in gamefiles
DynamisXIII - Trainer #279 & #407 in gamefiles
Edwinlose123 - Trainer #284 & #412 in gamefiles

These numbering aren't made in random FYI. For example, Christiansw placed in 272 replacing a "flying trainer" because it says "I'll soar across the sky", hinting Hawlucha. DynamisXIII replacing "ground trainer", hinting his earthquake Tyranitar. Edwinlose123 replaces "fire trainer", hinting his Salazle. Yeah I'm this detailed! :D
If you wanna contribute:
Not as good as making a fully diverse competitive sets (legal, non legendary) for Champion Minors. If you want, you can post a 6 Pokemon (full team) that has lot of coverages and able to sweep floor. Edit: MUST BE TESTED Competitively (non-competitive set or tested to be perform "bad" will not made into the mod). Will included in the mod and your name will be there as the trainer name (you can pick what npc you wanna be). Put them as comment. This will get closed as soon there's no minor champion to edit. If you can still read this, then it's still open.

-No legendaries (pseudo still allowed)

-Only one pokemon allowed to dynamax/gigantamax, which goes to final Pokémon (to follow the game flow)
-Optional (extra appeal): one gigantamax pokemon as final stand

Please define if it must be sequential or random (exclude the dynamax/gigantamax).

Vacant places to replace: (Requires ONE notable pokemon of the type, doesn't have to be one type team... Just it has to be notable)
-Polarie (Bug)
-Vega (Water)
-Izar (Ice)
-Pia (Grass)
-Corvin (Electric)
-Terry (Dragon)
-Theemin (Steel)

Whoever wish to split raid parts (non story) and others:
non story raid files:


Only keep these number if you wish only using raids, delete this if you don't wanna raid parts. Not gonna split them up myself (making new branch for something not really important just add work time to double check bugs)
Battle levels and expected party progress (Somewhat guide for me but idk for you):
Being requested too many times, plus to let people know what they are facing. This is based on my 2nd run of the game with the mod applied while recurving on the way. Expected party level means what you expect to have by during that run without much grinding (battling all minors and only catch a few, not battling so many random pokemons) without swapping team (same team from the get go, if you swap then it's your job to make it par with the other ones), not the level recommended to begin with. However, it also my team level that beat their teams just is. So if your team is below this because you swap some pokemons, level them up first.
Contain some spoiler about character appearances, strategy and even some pokemon they use, view only if you are okay with checking spoilers, or if you think the game were too hard, or if you don't know what you are doing wrong, or all of them. Don't say i didn't warn ya.
Hint: Look up where TM(s) and TR(s) can be obtained. If you are lazy to search, just click on the link I provided.

Recommended starters (or rather, what did I used to keep winning and didn't swap until I get Eternatus). Can be caught since Route 2 exclude starter.
-Scorbunny (Libero is useful af and strong!)
-Rookidee (Evolve to corviknight later. Best flying starter in the area)
-Zigzagoon (Galar, Will evolve to obstagoon with obstruct capability)
-Magikarp (Yes, gyarados incoming!). Catch this one, especially if you can get moxie adamant/jolly. If you having trouble and need water types, use barraskewda as the replacement until you can level magikarp in the bench.
-Boltund (Rare, but catchable since route 2, and show often later... Good lighting early and strong jaw is useful)
-Kirlia (Very rarely to spot in route 2, but u can catch this here, or in dappled grove in fog). Gardevoir is nice Physic-Fairy and will be useful later.

-Hop's match at Magnolia's house: level 10s, expected player party: 9-12. At this point, player better off buy some TM(s) at the pokemon center Hop shows and catch pokemons to the point there's enough fillers at level 9s with different typings before facing Hop. Remember: catching pokemon nets lot of xp, expecially early game where it only took one or two catch to level up mostly.

-Hop's match at first gym opening: level 12, expected player party: 12-16. Wild areas give players the level boost they need here, catch-a-lot, especially in the area that spawn level 12-14s, or level up there before going to the Motostoke gate. Gather watts nearby and spend them on watt traders (aim for TR(s)), defeat Pokemon Breeder "Chloe" for some money, spend them on Pokemon center for TMs. Hop will have many items, TM(s) and TR(s) ready, he is faster to gather them ahead than you, prepare yourself. Hop's moveset is kinda average than having standard weak ones from level up, so use TM(s) and TR(s) as well.

-Bede's encounter in the cave: level 16, expected player party: 15-18. At this point, player would already battle so many minor NPCs in the path with level 12-14 and slide the party level up, including finding few TM(s). Bede is chairman's endorsed, sponsored candidate, so it's not surprising he have a handful of TM(s) and TR(s). Yeah, a bit cheaty here since other candidates mostly don't have sponsor (just endorsement), but that's the lore wise, and Bede has secret agenda to collect wishing stars too. The only other one that got sponsor is Marnie from Piers, and it ain't that much.  He ain't bragging and be arrogant without reason, you know. To beat Bede here, you need a poison move and a dark move.

-Milo's Grass Gym: level 21, expected player party level: 18-23. Get average of 20 before going for this, and pack some fire, flying (and whatever grass is weak) moves. This is the first time where you fight a perfect IV and EV team, along with DEADLY competitive movement sets. Again, stop at the pokemon center and buy unowned TM you can afford, and prepare yourself before entering the gym. It will make first badge feels "worth it" compared to the vanilla. Extra spoiler: the wooloo is weak to fire.

-Hop encounter after Milo's gym: level 23. Expected party level: 21-27. Before facing Hop, face all the minor NPCs and heal up at Pokemon center because Hop didn't give you allowance(heal your party). Be ready for suprises.

-Nessa Gym: level 26, expected player party: 25-28. Before entering the gym, try to have electric, grass, and ground moves (get some TM(s) and TR(s)), consider fishing in the area as well giving them TM(s). There's nothing wrong having water pokemon with grass moves, after all. Be devious, sometimes Dynamaxing early is a good option. I wasted few items here, there's no shame using a few revives and potions.

-Bede's encounter in the cave: level 27, expected player party: 26-29. Same strategy as older encounter with Bede, nothing new but stronger movement and pokemons, you need a poison move and a dark move. Also... is that held items? Hint: Strong Jaw +ATK(such as Adamant) Boltund will sweep floor here using Crunch TR, obtainable early before it becames level up move at level 34. TR located in Watt Trader (East Lake Axewell) for 3000W,

-Marnie at Budew Inn (before Fire Gym): level 28. Expected party level: 28-32. While Marnie is a dark type, keep coverage for other types as there's dual type pokemons. You never know when you need it.

-Kabu's Fire Gym: Level 31, expected party level: 29-32. 

Be careful, while Kabu is a fire gym leader, it uses drought and sometimes use one turn solar beam and wipe your water pokemon out. It also benefit his fire attack due to harsh sunlight. 

I finished this match with a single pokemon: gyarados from magikarp (catch magikarp at route 2, or at wild area) that evolved to moxie gyarados, spamming only Earthquake until Kabu Gigantamax his Centiskorch. After 3 hit kill Torkoal, everything else is OHKO and steamrolls. Each solar beam torkoal cast deals 30% hp, you will be in the yellow or red HP when finishing torkoal, but survives. Finishes off with Max Geyser (water) to G-Max Centiskorch. I gave him healing item per turn (such as leftovers in giant seat map, or shell bell at hurbury). 0 Medicine, 0 revives. Buy Earthquake TR for 8000W from Watt Trader in Dappled Grove. 2nd option would be Earthquake excadrill which u can catch drillbur  to evolve in the mine away before the gym. Good hunting! Remember that half gym challengers gives up here, as they can never beat Kabu, so keep trying!

Hop Encounter at stow-side: Level 35, expected party level: 35-37
Nothing solid, Hop tries to diverse his pokemon loadout by using pokemons that he can catch in the route to this point. Act as free xp before the gym.

Bea's Fighting Gym (Sword): Level 37, expected party level: 37-38
Be aware of the Hawlucha (first pokemon), it will use Sky Attack in first turn paired with Unburden and Power Herb, making it's deadly first turn. And the next turn it probably uses acrobatic since it doesn't have items anymore, making it deadly enemy. One good strategy... is don't let that moves! I did one hit ko before he moves by using Strong Jaw Boltund Level 37 (Adamant) with Thunder Fang (said TM purchasable in Hammerlocke which you should already have access to...). Hope this helps. And oh, this is the gym where I screwed for first time... No shame if you lost once or twice.

Allister's Ghost Gym (Shield): Level 37. Expected party level: 37-38
Unlike Sword which has element of surprises, doesn't much going on shield, making this version somewhat easy compared to sword. As usual bring types that ghost weak to and you are good. 

Bede post Stow-on-Side : Level 38. Expected Party Level: 38-39
Again same stuff, poison and dark moves to win this. Nothing need more to say as this just repeats the old strategy...

Opal's Fairy Gym: Level 42. Expected Party Levels: 41-42
As normal it would do in vanilla, just one extra pokemon and higher level, that's it.

Hop Encounter at the bridge: Level 43, expected party level: 41-43
Nothing solid, Hop tries to diverse his pokemon loadout by using pokemons that he can catch in the route to this point plus the one that you will visit.

Gordie's Rock Gym (sword): Level 44. Expected party level: 44-46
Rock and roll! Bring ground, grass and water moves and you should be good. Careful of the guaranteed sandstorm though.

Melony's Ice Gym (shield): Level 44. Expected party level: 44-46
Bring the fire... Oh wait... Maybe grass and some move to also cover water, Melony sometimes has water-ice dual types.

Hop Hero's Bath fight: Level 45. Expected party level: 45-47
Nothing solid, even Hop uses the Dubwool at first, making it easy to set up

Marnie's encounter before Dark Gym: Level 46. Expected party level: 46-48
You should able to pass just like your old matches with Marnie, nothing so special here.

Pier's Dark Gym: Level 47. Expected party level: 47-50
Two major ones you need to consider even in vanilla: Malamar with the contrary + superpower and Obstagoon with it's obstruct. Other than that it's should be fine.

Raihan's Dragon Gym: Level 50. Expected party level: 49-51
Althought u can visit this gym just 2 min away from beating Piers, I advice you to level up a bit till your pokemon is at level 49 to enter the gym. Since it's going to be double, try utilizing combos like Earthquake pokemon + flying/levitate pokemon (to prevent earthquake hitting your ally) at first turn.
There's less than 10 challengers so keep going!

Marnie's at Champion cup: Level 50. Expected party level: 50-53
Only real differences is Marnie G-maxes her final pokemon, grimsnarl, nothing new

Hop at Champion cup: Level 50. Expected Party level: 51-54
As usual Hop uses Dubwool at first, making you easy to set up. Nothing new except Hop G-max his starter.

Macro Cosmos's Eric: Level 50,51,52. Expected Party Level: 52-56
He will always use the same team, just the level increase by one each encounter to make it slightly more challenging even with the buffs. Think this as free xp.

Oleana: Level 54. Expected Party Level: 55-58
At this point you would just have too many EXP and leveling too much just to stay in 52 thanks to the Macro Cosmos grunts

Bede's Challenge in Champion's Cup: Level 55. Expected party level: 55-60
At this point, you would slightly overleveled Bede but Bede get u by surprise so you probably didn't do elemental advantage against him. Hopefully u can do coverage as he now is fairy user.

Nessa in Champion's Match: Level 56. Expected party level: 56-61
Hint: Nessa love to do sucker punch on golisopod if you have certain pokemon to start, so u can setup like 5x.

Bea at Champion's Match (Sword): Level 57. Expected party level: 57-62
Same strategy as the gym, nothing different but the level.

Allister at Champion's Match (Shield): Level 57. Expected party level: 57-62
Same strategy as the gym, nothing different but the level.

Raihan at Champion's Cup: Level 58. Expected party level: 58-63
Bring Fighting pokemon at first and fairy for next, and last is fighting pokemon to g-max.

Rose at Power plant: Level 59. Expected party level: 59-63
He uses steel pokemons. Give him ol' trashin. Fire and Fighting works wonder here.

Leon at Champion's Match: Level 62. Expected party level: 60-65.
You should have Eternatus before battling Leon, but don't use it until you properly give Eternatus movesets it needs. There's two level gaps on this one opposed to 5 in vanilla so if you feel need to level a bit, don't go to the match instantly. It's recommended to have your party at level 62-63 so battle few times until Eternatus reaches 62 too, otherwise it will be slightly tougher than older encounters.

Post game

Hop battle in slumbering weald: Level 63. Expected party level: 60-65
Hop is waiting for a rematch, with new set. Just beat him again and retain your unbeatable title.

Sordward/Shielbert: Level 64. Expected party level: 61-65
Heal first before encounter, they didn't heal your pokemon for you...
They uses mostly fighting and steel pokemon, so you know what to do... Same pokemons from vanilla, but when fighting only one of them, extra 2 pokemons are added according to their typing.

Sordward/Shielbert Duo: Level 65. Expected party level: 62-66
Just like first fight, you are fighting the same pokemon (this time, vanilla), but it would be double battle instead. You will accompanied with Hop at level 65. Nothing new, just kick their asses...

Bede in Stadium Fight: Level 66. Expected party level: 63-67
No, Instead of fighting pokemon in dynamax, Bede solo-ed them all, and challenge you to a rematch instead. Fairies be fairies, you know the drill...

Sordward/Shielbert at lift: Level 68. Expected party level: 64-69
Well, here we go again... Same strategy...

Vs single Zamazenta/Zacian: Level 70. Expected party level: 65-70
Well, here we go against a single, legendary pokemon at level 70. It is only a single pokemon but due to it's moveset, it can set up stat boost real quick, and if it does so... It can sweep, so beware.

Vs Hop (final battle on the base game story): Level 70. Expected party level: 70-71
No, unless your party all at level 70, do NOT engage Hop first. Get yourself level up, configure your legendary, and form a 70 leveled team (At least) before fighting Hop. Granted that you can set up with the wooloo Hop has, but still... You don't wanna be underleveled here...

Isle of Armor DLC

Klara/Avery: Level 70. Expected party level: 71
Well, both using same thing from vanilla, except that they use 6 pokemons instead... Just be ready for anything...

Vs Mustard (Dojo Master): Level 70. Expected party level: 71
Like vanilla, it has diverse pokemon, but most typing is fighting... You know the drill, beat him up.

Vs Klara/Avery when finding Mushroom: Level 71. Expected party level: 72
Here we go again, do I need to say anything? XD

Klara/Avery Rematch: Level 72. Expected party level: 73-74
They will cheat, at least Klara will, by dropping toxic spikes early. Beat them again and show them that even if they cheat, they don't win.

Mustard "serious" fight: level 75. Expected party level: 74-75.
This is it, the final fight, it's not going to be easy, though I don't have to tell you what to do: Surpass your own master. Good luck!

Crown Tundra DLC
First fight vs Peony: Level 76. Expected party level: 75-76
Well... He is an ex-gym leader, uses mostly, if not all, steel type. You know the drill...

Galarian Star Tournament
Level 80s. Seriously, why I'm writing this? XD
1-10 of 85
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  • I've got some questions about the Champion Minor trainers.

    1. Am I allowed to submit more than one team?
    2. How good will their AI be? Can they use healing items? Can they switch Pokémon? If so, when and how often?
    3. Do the new team affect win/lose probabilities of the minor trainers against the other NPC trainers?
    4. Do we need to name the trainers after our usernames or can we name them whatever we wish?
    5. Is it possible to make it so that I can invite them to Champion Rematches, just like I can do with the major NPC trainers?
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  • dryfer avatar
    dryfer Joined 3mo ago
    When I first played pokemon got bore by the 4th gym, it was too easy to level up and one shot everything that it got boring, with this mod I've been having a really got time training pokemon just to defeat one gym. 

    Just adding that maybe the water gym first battle to get the badge maybe be too hard for the second gym, but in general love your mod, thanks for taking your time doing this. 
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  • Skylith avatar
    Skylith Joined 7mo ago
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    I played Sword for the first time with your mod installed, and I know for a fact that if it wasn't for your mod I definitely would've had a completely awful time getting through it. 

    Your mod not only made this game bearable, but actually enjoyable at times. 

    So thank you.
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  • Just passing by to say thanks for keeping updating this great mod. Currently I'm finishing IoA DLC again, and I'm really enjoying it. So thanks for making this game a lot more fun.

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  • Ergast avatar
    Ergast Joined 2mo ago
    Just a question. The armor dlc levels are always affected with the mod, or only if I go there after becoming the champion? Because I like to do the armor dlc during the adventure, as it makes, at least for me, more sense to train kubfu at level 30, not 70.
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  • Hi, awesome mod, congratulations! Btw, one question about the idea of making PvP teams on Champions Cup. Have you tought about copying some sample teams on youtube? I know, that with VGC videos, you can get a lot of good teams to replicate double battles if that's what you're looking for.

    Just an idea, I can give you some of those teams if you want
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    Another Mei
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    Hey christiansw, I want to let you know about something regarding your first "Todos". That one is a known emulator issue and it usually get fixed by disabling Multicore and disabling every mod (except game updates/DLCs) or in some very rare cases turning off NVDEC, so no matter what you do to your mod, it's not going to fix that issue, because that's an emulator issue, not a mod issue.
    The one that doesn't exist avatar
    The one that doesn't exist
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  • Sorry, can you tell the file name to mod Sword Shield?
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  • Were you ever able to complete the remaining champion minor matches? Enjoying the mod a lot so far, just wanted to know before I reached post-game just in case I should wait to have the full post-game experience. 
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  • I said it in reports already but whenever I choose scorbunny in the tweaked branch on sword the game freezes it doesnt even do it with the vanilla one so what gives
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