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Pokemon sword/shield random with dlc update 1.3.2 - A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield


Removed All Sword Console Version v3 2mo
  • Removal All console version got removed
The old console version used all trainers , and cause we can now use all file we want in the yuzu emulator, they're now useless.
Sword Trainers update v3 2mo Addition [Console version] Sword/Shield evolve every lvl 10mo Addition sword/shield evolve at every lvl 10mo Addition random sword crown_toundra V2.3 12mo Addition

Random Pokemon Sword/Shield with all DLC updated

                                             1- Presentation

Hi, last few days I've decided to randomize again my Pokemon Sword/shield game, and share it here with all new dlc :  Isle Of Armor/The Crown Tundra.
There is all new legendary and galar form (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres). There is other older legendary to : Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia and more ! (look at the media more will come soon).
With this random the game will be more difficult (principally trainers).
There is a installation instruction (for yuzu), go on file info and at the bottom of the page you can read it.
This randomizer, is supported in 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 update

                                           2- Infos

You should want know what is randomized exatcly ? 

- There is exactly 241 trainers randomized with new pokemon, they are 30% more high level and got max IV, they got more chance to get a shiny (5%), and they get a better AI (I can't add to many random trainers or yuzu won't load)
-All pokemons got random stats, Shedinja got more than 1hp :)
-All pokemons got 3 new abilities, they stop learning moves at lvl 96, all moves learned by pokemons are randomized (magikarp learn Belly Drum at lvl 1 lol)
-All trade/Gift are random
-All static encounter was random (all fix encouter, legendary etc, the 3 Slowpoke at The Isle of Armor are replace by 3 Dusclops )
-All wild pokemon are 20% more high level and they're random with all new/old pokemon from all dlc etc etc 
-All wild pokemon holding random items
-All pokemon got a random Catch rate (Kyogre got the same catch rate as Ratls and Magikarp same as Ditto)
-All 3 Starters are random (but if you want a tips, take the grass one ;) )

                                           3- Download

First download in the list  "new_random sword " random pack for sword with all random listed in infos.
Second download in the list "random_type_evolve" random pack for sword listed in the update. sections (there is same as the first pack but with a bit less trainers).
The third download in the list "Random chill sword" same as first but with vanilla lvl trainers.
The fourth download in the list "Sword evolve every lvl" same as first but all pokemon evolve every lvl.
The fift download in the list "no randoms stats" same as first but without randoms stats.
The sixth download in the list "Sword no random ability" same as first but without randoms abilities.
The others files in the list are the same as sword but for shield version.

If you want to know where's a pokemon is located download "encounters_sword", extract and open it with a text editor, and search the name of the pokemon you need (in english), that will tell you the area and the weather needed.

Thanks for downloading, GL&HF 

                                           4- Bugs

That's the first Version i'll post after somes short in game test, if you find a bug or whatever with the randomisation, post a comment bellow and I will do my best to help you.

Before asking help for a bug, be sure of that : 

-You'r playing with sword version if you got Pokemon sword or shield if you get the other one,  with at least the 1.3.0 update and 2 dlc enabled on you'r emulator/console
-The random folder is correctly installed on the good folder and correctly checked on game property (for yuzu) .
-If you got somes problem with crash try using early acces 2189 you can get it here 
-If the game won't load be sure to have only 1 random pack.
-If you already got a save, but when you'r loading the game make you play with a new save, then look on "trainer_data" you should see a "trainer_data_000.bin" file, delete It and restart you'r game.
-If you'r not lucky when you win the fight vs leon (just before the "end") the game may stuck on black screen (tested on yuzu only) to prevent this, remove the setting "multicore cpu emulation" for the fight. (that's not a bug caused by my mod but by the emulator)

End of my post, don't hesit to thanks me on the comments or asking help.
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  • blazesword avatar
    blazesword Joined 2y ago
    245 points Ranked 66,000th
    1mo 1mo
    hey, i dont why but after installing your mod the levels of the pokemon are always higher than what im allowed to catch at that point and thus im unable to catch any of them  eg: im currently on route 7 and all encounters are above level 46 and thus i cant catch any of them

    do you happen to know the fix?

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  • soros avatar
    soros Joined 1mo ago
    Hello author of this mod, how do i play with only random encounters?
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  • Areslade avatar
    Areslade Joined 2mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    Apologies if this is obvious, but this is the first time using something like this. 
    How do you re-randomize, or generate a different seed, for this randomizer? I've deleted my save three times and got the same starter each time (picked Scorbunny each time)

    Thanks ahead of time 
    URL to post:
  • dryfer avatar
    dryfer Joined 3mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    Thanks, couldn't find a randomizer for 1.3.2 anywhere some months ago, came back to search for mods and found you did this, my little bro is going to love it, also good touch with the extra levels in trainers and random catch rate, was asking myself how I captured tapu Koko first try lol.
    Haven't got to the first gym but already having some fun, thanks.

    URL to post:
  • NEcky avatar
    NEcky Joined 9mo ago
    hey so at starting when i come out of the hops house the game crashed with black screen and even when saving can u help me pls?

    URL to post:
  • pms8601 avatar
    pms8601 Joined 10mo ago
    10mo 10mo
    hello ^^

    I am not good at English.


    to add

    Random evolution , level 1 evolution, 

    However, eliminating random types

    I beg you.

    Will it be possible?

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  • Rezsh avatar
    Rezsh Joined 10mo ago
    Can I just play with no random stat and random abilities?
    I just want to add more generation to sword and shield 
    URL to post:
  • FuzzyZockt avatar
    FuzzyZockt Joined 10mo ago
    Is there a way to not randomize the ability of the pokemon?
    I got my Grass starter and it has the ability Receiver (not common for it)
    URL to post:
  • JuicyBoy avatar
    JuicyBoy Joined 10mo ago
    This might be asking a lot but is there a way to just have the more difficult experience and none of the random stuff? Basically I want a harder game but I don't want anything randomized?
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  • Cyberjynx avatar
    Cyberjynx Joined 3y ago
    146 points Ranked 80,876th
    I have a few questions I hope you can answer:

    1. Are the 241 randomized trainers new that you created or the existing trainers that are in the game? Confused about this one?
    2. Do any of these mods affect the gym leaders?
    3. Will these mods work with other mods such as "Major Trainer Rework"?
    4. I like the idea of the increased challenge but am I able to just have the higher-level trainers, with higher IVs, etc, but without most of the randomized effects such as random stats?

    Thanks in advance!
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