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Pokemon Sword/Shield EXTREME Randomizer Download - A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon SWORD and SHIELD Randomizer Download





The latest update for Pokémon Sword and Shield is v1.3.2 (The Crown Tundra DLC). This randomizer should only work on update v1.3.0 - v1.3.2. If you try it on v1.0, v1.1.1 (the updates before The Isle of Armor), v1.2.0 or 1.2.1, be aware that it may not work and will likely crash your game. Simply uninstall the randomizer to fix the crash. Also, randomizers built for v1.0, v1.1.1, v1.2.0, v1.2.1 will not work on v1.3.0 - v1.3.2. It will also crash your game.

This is very important. Please read all the information below so you know what you are downloading.

  • This randomizer supports Pokémon Sword AND Shield. Please read everything to understand how it works and how to get the proper files for your game.
  • Pokémon Sword support is prioritized over Pokémon Shield for the moment.
Also, If you are having issues, please take a look at some of the comments to see if your issue has already been resolved. There is a lot of valuable information here. 

Personally, I don't play Pokémon so I had to do A LOT of research before proceeding with this task of creating a randomizer.

The randomizers available online were great and all but, they were very lack luster and only randomized encounters which, I realized, can get boring after some time.

Fast forward a week later, I decided to create my own randomizer using pkNX. And I was successful after MANY crashes from failed attempts. READ BELOW for more.

NOTE: This randomizer is VERY random which means that it is also very HARD. Know what you're getting yourself into. You will probably have to do a lot of training and put a lot of time into it.

2. Bugs/Support

  • There should not be any bugs present in game however, if you find one, then you can report it. Keep in mind I do not know whether I will be fixing them or not. It will be considered given my time constraints.
  • This is available for Sword and Shield.

3. Details

This mod randomizes the following aspects of the game:

3.1. Wild Pokémon Encounters

  • All Routes/Wild Area are randomized.
  • Static encounters are randomized.
  • Legendary Pokémon available to spawn in almost every route.
  • Legendary Pokémon can spawn in the wild area depending on the weather.  
  • The odds of Legendary Pokémon spawning vary by area. Many Legendary Pokémon are available to spawn so you may notice a high abundance. This had to be done to maximize all Legendary Pokémon being available to spawn in the game (out of the 500+ regular Pokémon). If this were not done, then you would probably only ever see 2-3 Legendary Pokémon in the ENTIRE game.
  • Pokémon that spawn VARY BY ROUTE. There are a TOTAL OF 10-20 Pokémon that can spawn in every route (depending on the area of the route). When you find all 10-20, you know that you found all the Pokémon available in that route and can move on.
  • When the weather changes in the wild area, 10 new Pokémon are available. (Legendary Pokémon have a better chance of spawning in certain weather).
  • If they eventually update the game so that weather changes in routes, the same rule above will follow.
  • All Legendary Pokémon that are coded in the game can spawn. This includes The Isle of Armor Pokémon such as Kubfu and Urshifu and The Crown Tundra Pokémon such as Zapdos, Moltres, Suicune, etc. This also means Pokémon like Zacian, Zamazenta, Mew, Mewtwo, Zekrom, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Dialga, Palkia, etc. can spawn.
  • Pokémon of all generations (that are coded in the game) can spawn.
  • Pokémon introduced in The Isle of Armor DLC are available to spawn, including Urshifu/Kubfu.
  • Pokémon introduced in The Crown Tundra DLC are available to spawn, including Galarian Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno.
  • Pokémon Shield randomization for wild Pokémon will be different from Pokémon Sword. The available Pokémon should be similar in both randomizers.

3.2. Trainer Pokémon

  • All trainer Pokémon have been randomized.
  • All trainer Pokémon abilities are random. NOTE: There will be a separate file that excludes random Pokémon Moves/Abilities/Evolution
  • Trainers can have Legendary Pokémon.
  • Trainers have been changed to have a higher chance of having Shiny Pokémon.
  • All trainer Pokémon are holding random items.
  • Trainer Pokémon levels have been scaled up by a factor of 1.24x. This means all usual Trainer Pokémon levels will be higher than normal. You will eventually meet trainers with level 90-100 Pokémon. The first gym starts around level 20-30 while the last gym is around level 60-75. This prepares you for the after-game where almost all trainers are very high level.
  • Trainers have been changed to have Max AI. This means they are smarter and will use their moves to outsmart you in every way possible. Be aware.
  • Trainer Pokémon have Max IV's.

3.3. Pokémon Evolution

  • Pokémon evolution's have been randomized. For example, Bulbasaur evolves into Munna at level 16, Charmeleon evolves into a Mr. Mime at level 36, etc.
  • Random Pokémon Evolution involving items or friendship etc. is similar to normal evolution. For example, if you give Eevee its normal stones to evolve, then it will evolve as it normally would except, it wouldn't be the usual Eevee-lutions. This applies to all other Pokémon that evolve this way such as Vulpix with the Fire Stone/Ice Stone.
  • If something evolves into a TYPICAL final-stage evolution then it will not evolve anymore. For example, if something evolves into a Blastoise, it will not evolve anymore. If a Charmander evolves into a Wailord, it will not evolve anymore (because Blastoise and Wailord are final-stage Pokémon Evolution's).
  • Legendary Pokémon cannot evolve.

3.4. The Eevee-Legends

  • Eevee has been modified to evolve into Legendary Pokémon. The Eevee-Legends. When attempting to evolve Eevee, it will evolve into a Legendary Pokémon of a specific type. NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokémon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.
  • They ARE Legendary Pokémon that can be found in the wild, so don't feel the need that you HAVE to catch an Eevee. 

3.5. Pokémon Moves

  • Pokémon can now learn up to 30 different moves (spread out from level 1-90). NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokémon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.
  • Pokémon move sets have been randomized. For example, an electric type can learn a water type move or a random Pokémon can learn a legendary Pokémon move (if it is in their randomized move sets). NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokémon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.
  • Wild Pokémon also have random moves and can kill you in ONE HIT if you aren't careful. Be aware. NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokémon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.

3.6. Items Held By Pokémon

  • All Pokémon hold random items. If you're lucky you may find something that holds a Masterball or something rarer (This is why you should catch just about everything).

3.7. Starter Pokémon

  • Starter Pokémon have been randomized. I would recommend SAVING right before you choose a starter so if you choose the wrong one, you can restart the game without going through all the dialogue again. 
  • The starters are Cinccino, Oranguru, and Blastoise. These starters were the result of the randomization.

3.8. Pokémon Abilities

  • All Pokémon abilities have been randomized. Wonder guard ability is also enabled. NOTE: This is true ONLY if you get the file with random Pokémon Evolution/Moves/Abilities enabled.

3.9. Gift Pokémon

  • Gift Pokémon (Pokémon that are given to you in game such as, starters or by someone in a house) have been randomized.

3.10. Shiny Pokémon

  • There were no changes to shiny Pokémon appearing in the wild. The only change I am aware of, is that Pokémon Trainers have a higher chance of having shiny Pokémon.

4. Download Requirements

  • A modded/homebrewed Switch or emulator.
  • PC + MicroSD Card and/or MicroSD Card Reader.

How To Download: Please use the download button provided by GAMEBANANA at the very bottom of this post. 

Choose/download your desired file for your game. It is important you choose the right file for your game. 
  • (v3.0b1 features everything *EXCEPT* random Pokémon Evolution/Moves/Abilities) 
  • (v3.0b2 features everything *INCLUDING* random Pokémon Evolution/Moves/Abilities).

5. Installation

5.1. Switch

How to Install:
  1. Unzip the Downloaded File.
  2. Open the "Pokémon Sword/Shield Randomizer" Folder.
  3. Connect your Switch or MicroSD Card to your PC.
  4. Copy the folder titled "0100ABF008968000" or "01008DB008C2C000" into your /Atmosphere/contents directory on the SD Card (if you are using Atmosphere CFW). For other CFW's you will have to drag it where ever you place your modded game files. For information on emulators, read below. NOTE: This will replace any previous randomizer you already had installed.

5.2. Yuzu

How to install:
  1. Open the Yuzu Emulator.
  2. Right click Pokémon Sword and click "Open mod data location".
  3. You should have a folder in this location already. If you don't, create a folder titled "Randomizer".
  4. Open this folder and copy the "romfs" folder in the "0100ABF008968000" folder that you downloaded to this location.
To enable the randomizer right click Pokémon Sword again in the Yuzu Emulator and click "Properties". Then tick the box under "patch name".

6. The Yuzu Emulator

  • Users are reporting that this does not work with Yuzu (Read Below). I am confident that it is NOT the mod and it may be the Yuzu emulator causing the issues since, it is not very stable at the moment. Also, Pokémon Sword/Shield are known to have issues on the emulator. For more info on this read below.
  • The error most users are reporting is an initial crash/never-ending boot when starting the game while using the Yuzu emulator. This may be an issue that only pertains to Yuzu and may be out of my power to fix. 


  • I've been doing some testing with the Yuzu Emulator. I have solved some of the issues.
  • Also, make sure to BACKUP your save file before proceeding. I've noticed that Yuzu consistently deleted my old saves when testing and trying to run the mod.

The initial crash on startup/never-ending boot loop/freeze when leaving Hops house/freeze when saving - After testing, it appears that this is caused by the "trainer" folder in the directory \0100ABF008968000\RomFS\bin. Users should delete this folder to fix the crash. I have determined that the reason this crash happens is because of how many files are located in the "trainer" folder (over 800+). Yuzu seems like it struggles to load all of these files and therefore crashes after a few seconds of attempting. 
  • If you want, you can try to delete some of the files in the "trainer_data"/"trainer_poke" folder but this will change some of the trainers randomization. Maybe if you delete enough for Yuzu to load the game then you will keep SOME trainer randomization (Users have reported that this works to some extent)
  • The "trainer" folder contains information regarding all Pokémon Trainers in the game thus, deleting this folder will mean trainers in your game will be normal and have their usual Pokémon and Pokémon levels. Unfortunately, there is no other way to load the randomizer without deleting this folder so Yuzu users MUST do this until an update is released that allows for Yuzu to load the large number of files without error.

If you still get the initial crash, then this is also likely because you have the file with random Pokémon Evolution's enabled. The same idea above applies to this. The evolution folder in the pml folder contains over 800+ files. Try deleting this as well and try again. This will remove random Pokémon Evolution.

Randomizer not working once successfully booted - Before you do anything check Route 1 for new Pokémon, you should see all new Pokémon available in the Route. There will be no default Pokémon in this Route such as, Wooloo, Rookidee, Skwovet, etc. If you see these Pokémon then the randomizer is not working for you.
  • The fix for this is to rename the "RomFS" folder to "romfs".
  • I am unsure why this works but, it does. Yuzu may only be able to read the folder titled "romfs" which is why you need to rename it.
  • After you do this, check Route 1 again and you should see new Pokémon. This means the Randomizer is officially working. You have all the features besides Pokémon Trainer Randomization and/or evolution's.

Still not working? - If it still doesn't work for you, I have ZERO clue what the issue is. It may have something to do with your hardware or external software.
  • You may also need to start a new game save before changes take effect.

7. File Information

  • archive Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokémon encounters. Deleting it will remove random Pokémon in the wild.
  • pml Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokémon Evolution/Abilities/Moves. Deleting it will remove random Pokémon Evolution/Abilities/Moves.
  • evolution Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokémon Evolution. Deleting it will remove random Pokémon Evolution.
  • personal Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokémon Abilities/typing and held items. Deleting it will remove random Pokémon Abilities/typing and held items.
  • waza_oboe Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokémon Moves/Move sets. Deleting it will remove random Pokémon Moves/Move sets.
  • script_event_data Folder - This folder contains information regarding randomized gift Pokémon (such as starters), trade Pokémon, and static encounters. Deleting it will remove randomized gift Pokémon (such as starters), trade Pokémon, and static encounters
  • trainer Folder - This folder contains information regarding random Pokémon Trainers. Deleting it will remove random Pokémon Trainers.

8. Donations

I did not make this for money nor am I asking you for money. This was supposed to be a personal randomizer but I decided to upload it for the world to use. It's free lol.

If you want to donate to me and thank me for uploading this, I should have a CashApp donation method $BCash40 (easiest for me). This is not necessary at all. If you want to donate via another method, message me or drop a comment! :)

Anyway, all that I know is that the mod works as it should and I hope it works for everyone else. 

This is the first mod/randomizer I have ever made for any game. I usually don't do this kind of thing. Nevertheless, thanks for sticking around! 

PS: Youtubers/content creators, it would be great if you could give this mod a shot and if you like it/find that it is stable, share it around. I only did this because of the lack of randomizers available online. Thanks again.

9. Further Modification

The following is info for files that players can use to change encounters or revert Pokémon Types.

9.1. Encounters Files

  • Below is an included download for those who want to change Pokémon Randomization for Sword or Shield  (titled "") to minimize Legendary Pokémon availability. In it contains an "archive" folder.
  • The file was randomized and was not touched in terms of Legendary Pokémon. However, I noticed there is still a significant amount of Legendary Pokémon that can spawn. This number is far less than the regular randomizer though so you should see MUCH less Legendary Pokémon in your game.

To install this new randomized Pokémon encounters, you will simply swap files with one of the regular randomizer builds.
  1. Download and extract the "" or "".
  2. When you make your choice, located the "archive" folder in the downloaded file.
  3. Navigate to \0100ABF008968000\RomFS\bin or \01008DB008C2C000\RomFS\bin and delete the "archive" folder that is already here.
  4. Copy the "archive" file you downloaded to this same directory.
  5. Start the game and randomized Pokémon should now be different than what they were.

9.2. Pokémon Types

(NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR v1.3.0 - v1.3.2)

Players have shown interest in a file where abilities are random but typings are not. Therefore, I have worked on a file that keeps Pokémon abilities random but also retains normal Pokémon Types. 

To install this new file where Pokémon Types are not random, you will simply swap files with one of the regular randomizer builds.
  1. Download and extract the "" file.
  2. Navigate to \0100ABF008968000\RomFS\bin or \01008DB008C2C000\RomFS\bin and delete the "pml" folder that is already here.
  3. Copy the "pml" file you extracted earlier to this directory.
  4. Start the game and Pokémon Types should now be normal (This may not apply to Pokémon you've already caught).

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  • I love playing Pokémon Extreme Sword!

    Something i noticed would help would help and would like to see a new pokedex with all the randomized Pokémon added. 

    From my testing I have been trying to shiny hunt Zeraora and notice that out of the 500 or so I have battled none of them have been brilliant or at least show a brilliant glow. this makes me also wonder do the randomized Pokémon not in the pokedex get the same buff to shiny rates by battling them and are they capable of becoming brilliant? I notice Eternas will get one even though he isn't suppose to be there but is in the pokedex.

    Again love all the work you did!
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  • DaGl1tchyB0i avatar
    DaGl1tchyB0i Joined 1y ago
    415 points Ranked 60,522nd
    help this literally just doesnt work at all
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  • Kirbz avatar
    Kirbz Joined 5y ago
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    7 medals 1 rare
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    Encountering certain legendaries(i.e. latios, giratina, palkia, etc) makes them turn into eggs. I don't know why this is as this happens even with just the files for the randomizer? My current version is 1.3.2.
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  • Shadowbreon avatar
    Shadowbreon Joined 1y ago
    515 points Ranked 55,979th
    If I make another account to play this on (so I dont mess up my main switch account save data) and play the whole game with the randomizer but dont go online in the game then would this be wifi safe or still not?
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  • 10mo 10mo
    Hi, the randomizer has been working wonderful i just have ran into a few issues with catching some legendary pokemon. I tried to catch Reshiram and Cobalion when i first started but no luck now that i can catch lvl 35 pokemon and they are lvl 14 i still cant catch them. Am I missing something or is there something im not doing right. Ive tried using net ball, great ball, normal pokeball and dusk ball and nothing.
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  • Nikfire avatar
    Nikfire Joined 10mo ago
    How do I get the randomizer to load on yuzu? When I open the game it's stuck on launching... idk what I should do 

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  • Hoxlad avatar
    Hoxlad Joined 11mo ago
    Hey there, I deleted the PML, evolution, and personal folder because I didn't want random types, abilities, or attacks. Yet a lot of trainers have pokemon that use weird attacks. Is there an issue I'm overlooking or do I have to alter the trainer file? I'm not very well versed in modding so I'm sorry if it's obvious.
    I basically wanted random pokemon locations and to fight against random teams of AI trainers (plus I enjoy the added strength they have). But id prefer that Pokemon themselves are like they were intended
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  • DV8FromTheWorld avatar
    DV8FromTheWorld Joined 11mo ago
    11mo 11mo

    Yuzu infinite booting / loading screen bug

    I also encountered this bug but only for the b2 version of the Shield randomizer. I'd been using the b1 version of the Shield randomizer for a bit and decided I wanted to upgrade to the b2 version for a harder challenge.

    I deleted my saves and removed the b1 mod files from Yuzu completely. I then placed the b2 files into the folder structure as specified in the install instructions (same as I did for the b1) and booted the game.

    And consequently hit the infinite load problem.

    After reading through the documentation above on possible fixes I tried deleting all data in /romfs/bin/trainer. This still did not allow the game to boot. I tried deleting /romfs/bin/pml/evolutions as this folder also contains a vast amount of files (which was indicated might be the problem for Yuzu). Still nothing.


    On a hunch, knowing that the game would boot with no randomizer files installed, I decided to start deleting randomizer files until I could get it to boot.

    After copying over all mod files for b2 if you delete the /romfs/bin/pml/personal/personal_total.bin the game will boot. 

    I do not know what this file does nor what loss there is in not having it. From lots of googling it seems like it might control the speed at which your character gains XP, but again, I'm not sure.

    The b1 version of the Shield randomizer doesn't even have a /romfs/bin/pml folder. I'm assuming the largest difference between the b1 and b2 versions is the/romfs/bin/pml/evolutions folder which dictates the randomized evolutions which is the entire reason to use b2 instead of b1.

    If someone has more information on what personal_totals.bin does or knows of an editor to view its contents, please let me know. 
    URL to post:
  • My big Problem is that, that on every route many Pikachus are, but they arent normal Pikachus. When im encounter one of these im fighting against a egg. Many trainer have these eggs too, then i win automaticly the fight. I hahe tried many things but i cant do this without your help.
    i hope you can help me.
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  • Quelpro89 avatar
    Quelpro89 Joined 11mo ago
    A tutorial for install it on switch?
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