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P4G Community Enhancement Pack - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 7.0 - "Like a Dream Come True" 1mo
  • Addition Added Better Fishing
  • Addition Added Scooter Ride Count
  • Improvement Updated Reloaded II to v1.10.3
  • Improvement Updated Reloaded Hooks to v1.10.4
  • Optimization Removed Steam Hook dependency as it is now built into Reloaded II
  • Improvement Updated Aemulus to v5.3
  • Improvement Updated Tiny Fixes to v1.3 stable
  • Improvement Updated Custom Sub Menu to v1.21
  • Improvement Updated Controller UI Overhaul to v3.0
  • Refactor Restructured P4G CEP to support Aemulus loadouts
  • Overhaul Overhauled instructions once again, now hosted on GitBook
Version 6.1.2 3mo Addition Improvement3 Adjustment3 Feature Version 6.1.1 3mo Addition Improvement2 Refactor Tweak Version 6.1 - "Day After Day" 3mo Feature Overhaul Optimization Improvement4 BugFix Version 6.0 - "Your Affection" 4mo Addition2 Improvement6 Overhaul2 BugFix2 Tweak2 Optimization Feature Adjustment3 Removal

An all-in-one collection of tools and mods for Persona 4 Golden.

P4G Community Enhancement Pack (P4G CEP) is an all-in-one collection of tools and mods for the 2020 PC release of Persona 4 Golden.

Installation Instructions // Upgrade Instructions

Comprehensive Setup: P4G CEP contains every tool needed to set up and play P4G with mods, along with step-by-step instructions for setup and additional tips and tricks.

Faithful Enhancements: P4G CEP includes over 40 enhancement mods that improve on the base game in a variety of ways. Whether it's improved textures, faster fast travel, or just making Dojima's talksprite blink, these mods make for a better first or five hundredth playthrough of P4G.

Total Customization: P4G CEP includes the Aemulus Package Manager program to make customization easy. All of the mods in P4G CEP can be individually enabled or disabled with Aemulus, and it's easy for users to add additional mods to their loadout without having to manually merge files.

Cross-Compatible: P4G CEP is fully compatible with unmodded P4G save data and does not affect story progression or Steam achievement unlocks. You do not need to start a new game before using P4G CEP.

For update notifications and additional support, join the Discord server!


Compiling the pack, testing each mod, and providing support for users takes quite a bit of time and effort. If you'd like to support the work I do, I now have a Ko-fi page where you can make a donation.

Pack Contents














All mods and tools in this pack were included with the permission of their creators.
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  • novakanos avatar
    novakanos Joined 26d ago
    YES great modpack, I can't imagine playing P4G any other way, this is too good, definitely worth the setup time (even though it should only take about 15-20 minutes)
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  • Ginsen avatar
    Ginsen Joined 8mo ago
    142 points Ranked 73,233rd
    For anyone thinking of downloading the modpack, it's great and has been super helpful for me.

    I would just caution to disable the Remove Lunchtime Invitations mod in January! This is because the only way to unlock your party members' 3rd Persona awakenings is through a lunchtime invitation.

    For this very reason, I would actually suggest removing it from the Community Enhancement Pack altogether.
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  • Jdogg0130 avatar
    Jdogg0130 Joined 11mo ago
    184 points Ranked 66,866th
    controller doesn't work when you launch the game with mods.
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  • kenjotz avatar
    kenjotz Joined 1mo ago
    Hello. Does anyone how to fix the Blank item in Produce Store? 
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  • atleon avatar
    atleon Joined 2mo ago
    Hi! I was in the process of upgrading the CEP to the 7.0 version following the steps provided in the Gitbook, however the folder "03 Upgrade Aemulus Packages" is empty, so I don't have anything to replace the old packages folder with.

    I've tried to see if there was a problem with the file I downloaded, but it seems everything was okay, so I guess it just wasn't there in the first place.

    Hope this helps!
    Burn my bread
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  • If I want to update the modpack, it should be enough just dragging the packages to the respective folder right?
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  • Xerolz avatar
    Xerolz Joined 7mo ago
    4mo 4mo
    Failed to unpack: CPK references 6 in data00007.pac but only 4 exist.
    Failed to unpack everything from Persona 4 Golden! Please check if you have all prerequisites installed!

    is this normal? I have all prerequisites installed.

    Edit: Nvm I just run Aemulus as admin
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  • ChaosWeeb avatar
    ChaosWeeb username pic Joined 3y ago
    S3AIR Manager
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    IDK if its the modpack or the game but the game ALWAYS CRASHES for me when trying to get to the results screen after the first battle.
    Gay Gamer Girl ~ S3AIR Manager avatar
    Gay Gamer Girl ~ S3AIR Manager
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  • GravityLoL avatar
    GravityLoL Joined 3y ago
    198 points Ranked 65,017th
    Love it, can't imagine playing P4 without these. They are must-have!
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  • OpenSauce avatar
    OpenSauce Joined 2y ago
    217 points Ranked 63,093rd
    Having consistent crashes one the 1st of September after the group talks to Naoto. Here's a save:
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