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BGM Enhanced: Aemulus - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Release v1.1.0 8mo
  • Addition Added back Normal/Advantage BGM.
  • Adjustment Added Aemulus metadata and preview.
Release v1.0.0 - Max Volume Variant 9mo Addition

Customizable and randomizable battle BGM!

1. Description

BGM Enhanced: Aemulus allows for extending and customizing P4G's use of battle BGM.

2. Features

  • Expanded music slots! Only limited by the amount of entries in BGM.xwb (~1110). Music Manager includes support for ~130 new song slots (replaces unused Japanese interviews).
  • Battle music is now controlled by ENCOUNT.TBL. Each encounter's "MusicId" controls what song plays in that battle.
  • An encounter's "MusicId" now plays exactly that wave index; no second table nonsense!
  • Customizable randomized BGM!
  • No more Cheat Engine!

3. Requirements

Aemulus by Nerd Tekka:
Inaba EXE Patcher by Weeb Tekka:
Steam P4G Rev 2033

4. Usage

  1. Download then enable the Base Package in Aemulus.
  2. Enable a BGME Config Package. You can either make one with P4G Encount Music Editor or download one.
  3. Build in Aemulus and finished.

5. Making a Custom Preset

Use Encount Music Editor.

6. Recommended Song Packs with Support

Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack:

7. Known Issues

This is very much still WIP and I don't know assembly. As it stands, it has been tested to work by various people. Be aware that there is, possibly, a small chance of a random crash when initiating battle. Maybe.

  • For whatever reason, I've tried many methods to change optional boss themes to a different song, but it just plays the custom boss theme that plays during normal bosses. is there anything I can do to remedy this?
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  • Will there be support for custom presets in the future?
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  • EmuROM avatar
    EmuROM Joined 9mo ago
    Hi there, I'm having some trouble applying this mod. I'm not sure why, but when trying to use this mod, for a battle advantage theme or enemy/normal encounter theme I end up hearing "The Bonds of Everyone's Souls" when I enter battle. And when I fight a boss such as Maragaret, I end up hearing Reach Out to the Truth (Reincarnation version). If you could help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! The game version I am using is REV: 2033.
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  • Warningdontread avatar
    Warningdontread Joined 1y ago
    833 points Ranked 44,257th
    This is cool, I can't wait to get it running since I'm not a fan of Cheat Engine, sadly I'm having trouble running it. I downloaded the legacy version and extract it directly to the packages folder, build it nothing. Downloaded the base and classic separated, overwrited base for classic, build it, nothing. And even tried P4 The Faithful patches with the instructions written in that page, and nothing yet. It's not the music mod since it works with CE, and the Reloaded console prints the following:
    [Inaba Exe Patcher] Found patches in mods\patches
    [Inaba Exe Patcher] Loading BGME_Config.patch
    [Inaba Exe Patcher] Couldn't find pattern to replace using BGME_Config.patch
    [Inaba Exe Patcher] Loading BGME_Main.patch
    [Inaba Exe Patcher] Couldn't find pattern to replace using BGME_Main.patch
    My only guess is that I'm messing something up in the Packages folder? Because if not, I really don't know what to do. Thanks in advance!! 
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