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Find a Friend - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 1.9.3 - Marie & Ai Fixes 6mo
  • BugFix Fixed an issue where Ai would incorrectly show as available on the day you start her social link
  • BugFix Fixed an issue where Marie would incorrectly show as available before July 24th if she was rank 4
Thanks to SpoiledBadger for reporting the problems.

As always if you do find any incorrect entries at all please report them to me. I want to make this mod completely accurate so reporting even the most trivial error is greatly appreciated. 
Version 1.9.2 - Fellow Athletes Fix Finally 6mo Addition BugFix2 Version 1.9.1 - Dojima's Authoritative Influence 9mo BugFix Addition Version 1.9 - Final Fixes? 10mo BugFix5 Adjustment Version 1.8 - Night Time Meetups & Scooter Socials 11mo Addition2 Adjustment Improvement2

Easily find a social link to spend time with

Important Information

This mod adds a new option to the fast travel menu allowing you to see all available social links and travel to them in a single click.
(If you like this mod then you may like my other quality of life mods, Remove Lunchtime InvitationsStop Wasting Time On Social Links At Night and Hyperspeed Reading +)


Aemulus is now required to use this mod. Simply place the files into your packages folder and build your loadout.

Things to take note of

Note: Social links that you can spend time with at night but not level up will show in the menu even if they can level up (as identified by the "+" after their rank), this is intentional as to alleviate confusion as to why they aren't showing in the menu. Please know that you will essentially waste your time if you spend time with them while they're in this state (that's why Stop Wasting Time On Social Links At Night exists after all)

Another note: I now believe this mod to be in a state of near perfection (in regards to showing s.links correctly in the menu) so I would appreciate any bug reports (either here or on GitHub) if you find s.links that are in the menu and shouldn't be or vice versa.

As this modifies there are undoubtedly many compatibility issues. If you haven't seen it you should definitely check out Custom Square Menu which is an amazing compilation of mods (including this one) which fixes these issues. 


Thanks for using the mod. This final version has been a long time in the making, I really hope you find the mod useful!
  • Hi there, I just finished my first playthrough of this game's PC version the other day (played it many times before elsewhere). I used this mod, and I just wanted to thank you so much for making it. The game is made a LOT faster and more fun thanks to being less of a cognitive load (in terms of Social Link availability/location) when this mod is being used.

    Honestly I consider this mod a must-use for anyone playing this game, beginner or otherwise. The level of convenience it brings is just amazing.

    So yeah, just wanted to thank you, and have a great day!
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    Nice job on the update! Mind if I use your repo to update the square menu again?

    Just noticed that you're using skills names by using 6 for the third parameter of SET_MSG_VAR() which is pretty cool.  Are there any other numbers for the 3rd param that you know about?  All I knew before was 0 and 1.

    Aemulus TM
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  • as you said at the end, it's definitely showing some s.links when they're not actually available. only thing is, it's not happening rarely. it's showing options for shu, when i don't even know who that is yet, and it's very frequently showing options for the other confidants when they're not actually available either. this is a really nice QOL mod that adds something that i really enjoyed from P5, and it's kind of a pain it isn't already a thing in the game. i wouldn't be bothering to say it here if it only happened once in a while, but happens almost every day, so i figured i should say so here.
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  • Not sure if this is even something you can patch or want to, but during TV nights (and possibly others, I haven't checked) the player can teleport out of the house using this tool. I personally don't mind it but I figured I should report the bug somehow.
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    This is amazing. I can't wait to try it. Thank you.
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