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Always Great Shrine Blessing - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 1.1.1 - Maintenance Update 8mo
  • Adjustment Restructured for Aemulus Package Manager.
  • Addition Added metadata / auto-update support.
  • Adjustment Updated installation instructions.
Version 1.1 1y BugFix

Guaranteed "Great Blessing", every time!

In Persona 4 Golden, you can visit the shrine and draw a fortune to become closer to a Social Link of your choice. This costs money and passes time.

Normally, there are three different levels of blessing that you have you a random chance of drawing: "Small", "Mild" and "Great". Each give a different number of social links points, with "Great" giving the most.

This mechanic is particularly useful for helping to max-out social links before the end of the year since you can also use it at night, but actually getting a "Great Blessing" would typically involve reloading your save repeatedly until you got the desired result...

I always found this to be an odd design choice and a bit frustrating for the player, since getting a "Great Blessing" isn't exactly a broken mechanic and you can't rank-up a social link from the shrine either.

This mod removes the random element, so you're guaranteed to receive a "Great Blessing" every time.

If my work has made your P4G experience more enjoyable, please consider showing your appreciation at my Ko-fi page.
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    AnahNeemus Joined 1y ago
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    I think I found a bug with this mod. With this mod, whenever I draw a fortune to improve my Aeon SL, I get the message 'Giving up may sometimes be necessary'. I also tried drawing a fortune again two times for the same SL and still got the same message. I was hoping that the message would eventually say 'Your relationship could become stronger soon', but it kept saying the same thing. I then redid this whole schedule with the mod off, and the issue isn't there anymore. It took only two "Great Blessing" fortune drawings and it gave me the 'Your relationship could become stronger soon.' With the mod off, I also never saw that 'Giving up may sometimes be necessary' message.

    Social Link selected: Aeon
    Social Link level: Rank 9
    In-game date: October 23. Evening.
    Mods used: Only this

    I took a screenshot but apparently I can't show it here because my account is not yet one week old and because I haven't made 10 posts yet.
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    LuTheFrog Joined 1y ago
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    Great mod once again

    Keep up the good work!
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    mamimi0 Joined 1y ago
    Thanks, I was looking for this since I'm trying to max my social links before the years ends, thank you so much.
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    Great work! Do you think it'd be possible to remove the randomness from other parts of stat rank-ups, like whether you get 1 or 2 points towards Knowledge when studying?
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    Hello penguin
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