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Stop Wasting Time On Social Links At Night - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Kuma Compatibility Fix 8mo
  • Amendment Fixed the kuma patch files being for version 1.0 instead of 1.1
  • Removal Removed the Mod Compendium versions in favour for solely Aemulus ones
Thanks to EnekoT2001 for bringing this mistake to my attention.
Version 1.1 1y BugFix Added Compatibility Patch 1y Addition

Ensure you don't waste those precious nights with a warning message.

This mod displays an extra message telling you that spending the night with a social link will be 'wasted' if it is already ready to rank up as in P4G points do not carry over between social link ranks. (works for all S.Links that can't be ranked up at night such as the main party)

Can be installed through Aemulus by putting the mod into your packages folder (recommended) or by dropping data00004 into your mods folder.


To make this compatible with Tekka's - Rename Teddie to Kuma mod you must download BOTH the Kuma Patch zip file AND the main zip file below. Then if installing with Aemulus enable all three mods, ensuring the patch file loads FIRST like so: 

If you're installing by dropping files directly into your mods folder install both the Kuma mod and this mod first (does not matter if you overwrite or not at this point), then lastly drop the patch's files in, ensuring to OVERWRITE when you're asked to. 

Other than Kuma this should be compatible with all mods except those that modify any social link's dialogue as this modifies the bf files that contain their dialogue. If this does conflict with another mod comment and we'll work it out.
  • brosukekun avatar
    brosukekun Joined 9mo ago
    Hi there! I'd love to use this mod, but I'm pretty sure it would conflict with the Yosuke Romance mod, right? Is changing load order enough, or would it need a patch?
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  • Ginsen avatar
    Ginsen Joined 10mo ago
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    So to clarify, if I see the message shown in the screenshot, that means it would be a waste to Spend Time With them that night?
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  • Araraura avatar
    Araraura Joined 4y ago
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    It seems like this mod causes all of the social links in the party from advancing after a certain point (Ai as well, like in the other comment). They'll all start talking about how Marie is doing instead
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    Hello! It seems that this mod prevents the Moon Social Link (Ai) from advancing past Rank 5. Ai will not recognize that you have talked to Daisuke/Koh, preventing any further interaction. Removing the mod from the folder fixes the issue.
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    Hello penguin
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    This conflicts pretty heavily with Rename Teddie to Kuma.
    Seems like a fair bit of work to get them to coexist tho, so I wouldn't really fault you for leaving it alone.
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