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Detailed Descriptions - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC).

The most popular quality of life mod for P4G.

1. Introduction

A lot of the descriptions and "info" boxes in Persona 4 either:

  • Don't tell the player anything useful.
  • Present information in an unhelpful, abstract way.
  • Give you false information (yes, really).

This mod attempts to address these problems while sticking as closely as possible to the game's established writing style.

P4G's default font is unnecessarily wide and has issues with overlapping characters. I recommend pairing "Detailed Descriptions" with Pixelguin's "Slim Font" for the best legibility.

2. Features

2.1. Skill Descriptions

2.1.1. "Auto-" Skills

Unlike Rakunda, Marakunda, etc, the descriptions for the "Auto-" versions of these skills do little more than reiterate their names, so they've been rewritten to make their functions clear:

2.1.2. Effect Chance

Skills that inflict status ailments now tell you whether they have a "Low" (< 40%), "Medium" (< 70%), or "High" (< 100%) chance of effectiveness:

Similarly, skills that have a high chance of landing a Critical are detailed appropriately:

2.1.3. Passive & Support Skills

In Persona 5, passive and support skill descriptions were given extra detail to help the player better understand their effects and how they work. I've backported these here:

  • Resist - "Nullifies weakness"

  • Evade/Counter/Amp - "Does not stack" / "Can stack"

  • Break - "Cannot negate X Wall"

  • Charge - "More than doubles damage..." (approx. x2.5)

2.1.4. Damage Categorisation

To help give the player a better understanding of a skill's relative power, I've expanded the existing descriptive terms to six; with "Miniscule" and "Colossal" being added from Persona 5.

Every skill in the game is now properly categorised according to its base damage value:

  • 0-34 [Miniscule]
  • 35-79 [Light]
  • 80-124 [Medium]
  • 125-189 [Heavy]
  • 190-699 [Severe]
  • 700+ [Colossal]

2.1.5. Boss, Enemy & Debug Skills

Boss, enemy, and debug skills are not visible to players during normal gameplay, so Atlus didn't bother to give them proper descriptions. Most are either inaccurate or blank.

After weeks of work I've finally corrected this, giving as many of these skills as possible accurate descriptions according to their table data:

2.1.6. Fixes, fixes, fixes...

Unfortunately, Atlus made a ton of mistakes when writing the skill descriptions. Here are some examples of fixes I've made:

  • Arm Chopper is now correctly described as hitting 2x (not once).
  • Hysterical Slap is now correctly described as hitting 2x (not once).
  • Torrent Shot is now correctly described as hitting 2x to 4x (not 2x to 3x).
  • Stagnant Air is now correctly described as affecting all combatants (not just "all foes").

I've also corrected NUMEROUS incorrect or deceptive categorisations (too many to count). Soon I'll get everything in a document for people interested and link it here, but for now, here are some highlights:

  • Blade of Fury is described as dealing "medium" Phys damage despite it having one of the very lowest base damage values of any skill in the game. The description appears to be a leftover from P3. This has now been corrected.
  • Poison Arrow is identical to Blight in every stat but accuracy, yet Poison Arrow is labelled as dealing "medium" damage while Blight is labelled as "heavy". This has now been corrected.
  • Morning Star is described as dealing "massive" damage, but in reality it's only 20 points stronger than MegidolaonPralaya, by comparison is described as only "severe" despite it being in another league to both of them. These inconsistencies have now been corrected.

2.2. Item Descriptions

2.2.1. Skill Cards

The skill card "info" you can display in your item list is practically useless; just like the "Auto" skills, they reiterate the name of the skill and tell you little else.

I've added all of the changes described in the "Skills" section above to every skill card in the game, so you can know instantly what a skill does before you teach it to your Persona.

2.2.2. Key Items

Keys for unlocking doors are obtained in dungeons throughout the game. However, it's not always clear (e.g. in the 6th dungeon, "Secret Laboratory") where they're meant to be used. 

Obviously, I don't want to be spoon-fed, but mindlessly backtracking through floors and checking every door I walk past isn't exactly fun either...

To address this, I've added spoiler-free "labels" and "inscriptions" that help point players in the right direction without telling them exactly where to go. This serves as a reward for attentive players and better respects your time.

2.2.3. Jewels

Jewels (sometimes referred to as "gems") are most commonly obtained from two places:

These items can be used to purchase items from the Shiroku Pub, but tracking down the type you need can be incredibly difficult with so little information presented to the player.

To help address this I've added general locations to every jewel in the game to make your searches a little easier.

2.2.4. Seedlings

You can now see the yield of a seedling, the effect of the item to be gained and exactly how long to it will take to harvest before you plant it:

2.3. Quest Descriptions

Let's be honest; quest objectives can feel like chores without a guide. When you consider what's being asked of the player for the prizes they're awarded, it's easy to understand why so many people skip them entirely.

To make them less tedious I've rewritten all 69 quest descriptions to present a little more information to the player:

  • Quests that need you to acquire an item now tell you which enemy drops them and roughly where they can be found. Locations containing names have been obscured to avoid possible spoilers. E.g. "Yukiko's Castle 3F" is simply, "Castle 3F".
  • Quests that can be missed or left incomplete if you don't finish them by a particular date now tell you when they need to be completed by.
  • Quests that require a certain level of Social Stat to complete are now detailed appropriately.
  • Quests with infamously abstract objectives like 67 ("Dazzle Me With Paw Gloves") and 37 ("Pining for Stylish Formalwear") are now more clear.

2.4. Social Link Descriptions

With so many social links in the game, I often find myself forgetting who's available where and when.

To help address this and make the S. Link menu more useful, I've replaced the short bios in each profile with the characters' general availability.

These spoiler-free descriptions tell you where you can typically find your social links:

I've also added more information to the dynamic descriptions at the top, with details like social stat requirements.

3. FAQ

  • "Why don't you just present the exact values of skills instead of using 'Light', 'Medium', 'Heavy' etc.?"

    Presenting skill stats that way can be deceptive. I can understand why Atlus might not want to show the player raw data like other RPGs.

    Damage dealt in battle appears to be determined by a formula that includes not only a skill's base damage value, but also the character's strength stat, the enemy's endurance stat, the attack value of your equipped weapon, a modifier based on the difference between character level and enemy level, the number of hits and even a randomness factor.

    If you were to go by skill values alone, you'd think Primal Force was much stronger than Hassou Tobi, even after multiplying by the number of hits. Of course, we all know that's not correct.

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  • Deshwood avatar
    Deshwood Joined 1mo ago
    Thanks for realy good mod! Im playing for a first time and added it when walked though Lab dungeon.

    Btw I had noticed if you have quest 51 - you will never get Power Rocks for 47 quest. You need to finish it first.
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  • It's a perfect quality of life change. I don't know how I'd play the game without this anymore. Really great job, thank you for making this.
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  • sasame9821 avatar
    sasame9821 Joined 1y ago
    where can i get the vita version of this? download says theres suppose to be a vita one but i cant see it
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  • Can you try to make so that this mod doesn't mess with mods which ad new skills. Right now, whenever you ad new skills the description gets messed up when this mod is activated. If it is not possible no problem.
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  • livipup avatar
    livipup Joined 4y ago
    801 points Ranked 50,406th
    Hey, I noticed your mod says that the Laughing Table appears on floors 6 and 7 of the castle for the Fitting Board quest, but I found one on floor 4 just now.
    • Helpful x 1
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  • i installed it through aemulus as instructed, but it doesn't work. some of the mods i've tried installing work, but a couple don't, this being one of them. of the ones i'm trying to use, shown in the image linked below, the ones that don't seem to work, are "stop wasting time on social links at night", detailed descriptions, and social link cheat sheet. i'm not sure if the same issue is causing all of them to not work, or what, so i figured i would list the ones that aren't working in case you may know how to fix them. thanks!
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  • That's what ATLUS should strive to push to the Live Version.

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  • Phoenix! avatar
    Phoenix! username pic Joined 5y ago
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    Excellent work
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  • Sonicdevil avatar
    Sonicdevil Joined 2y ago
    56 points Ranked 77,111th
    What is the social link data under? I'd love to throw that in now that I've seen this update
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  • Leonxandergun avatar
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    • 2 years a member Medal icon
    Great mod, very usefull, even for a veteran of p4g like my self. Btw, is it possible to make this mod work with P4G Ultimax Edition mod? I tried using Amicitia to merge the to mods but since they change the same file in the init.bin it doesn't work. Still, thank you very much for this

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