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Detailed Descriptions - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 3.1 - Quest Icons 3mo
  • Improvement Added item icons to quest descriptions.
  • Adjustment Minor formatting adjustments.
  • Suggestion See the full changelog on GameBanana.

This update adds the corresponding icon to every item named in a quest description. A big thank you goes to AnimatedSwine37 for figuring out the formatting/variables for this.

Version 3.0 5mo Addition Adjustment Version 2.9.1 9mo BugFix Version 2.9 - New item descriptions! 10mo Addition2 Version 2.8 10mo Addition

Detailed descriptions for every Skill Card, "Auto-" skill, Quests and more!

1. Introduction

In Persona 4 Golden, there are a number of descriptions and "info" boxes that I feel either don't tell you anything useful, or present information in an unhelpfully abstract way. This mod aims to correct that.

I strongly recommend pairing this mod with Pixelguin's "Slim Font" since it fixes the issues with overlapping characters that's present in the normal text and makes it a lot more legible on modern displays.

If my work has made your P4G experience more enjoyable, please consider showing your appreciation at my Ko-fi page.

2. Features

2.1. Item Descriptions

2.1.1. Skill Cards

The skill card "info" you can display in your item list is practically useless; the descriptions simply reiterate the name of the skill and tell you little else.

This mod adds detailed descriptions to every skill card in the game, so you can know instantly what a skill does before you teach it to your Persona.

Skill card description BEFORE:

Skill card description AFTER:

2.1.2. Key Items

Keys for unlocking doors are obtained in various dungeons throughout the game. There are a couple of instances however, like in the 6th dungeon (Secret Laboratory) when it's not clear where they can be used. As a result, you can end up having to mindlessly backtrack and check random doors.

To address this, I've added spoiler-free "labels" and "inscriptions" with floor names that help point players in the right direction.

2.1.3. Gems

Gems (also referred to as "jewels") are can be most commonly obtained from two places: enemies upon defeat and "the lady in white". These gems can be used to purchase items from the Shiroku Pub, but tracking down the type you need can be difficult with so little information presented to the player.

As of v2.9, I've added general location information for every gem in the game to make your searches a little easier.

2.1.4. Seedlings

You can now see the yield of a seedling and what the effect will be of the item gained before you plant it.

2.2. "Auto-" Skill Descriptions

But that's not all! Additionally, this mod updates all of the "Auto-" skill descriptions (Persona/Compendium views) with details of their effects.

Unlike the normal versions of Rakukaja, Marakukaja etc., the "Auto-" versions do not have detailed descriptions. Just like the skill cards, their descriptions do little more than reiterate the name of the skill, so I've updated those too:

"Auto-" skill description BEFORE:

"Auto-" skill description AFTER:

2.3. Quest Descriptions

Quests are the one part of Persona 4 Golden that I have the most mixed-feelings towards.
Often, the objectives they ask you to complete can feel like chores without a guide. When you consider what's being asked of the player for the prizes they're awarded, it's easy to understand why many simply don't bother completing them.

My aim in rewriting the Quest descriptions was to make them more reasonable and less tedious without making them a simple "cheat-sheet" or spoiling story plot-points, all while retaining the style of the original text:
  • Quests that need you to "acquire" a particular item now tell you which enemy drops them and roughly where they can be found. Locations containing names have been obscured to avoid possible spoilers. E.g. "Yukiko's Castle 3F" is simply, "Castle 3F".
  • Quests that can be missed or left incomplete if you don't finish them by a particular date now tell you the latest date they can be completed by.
  • Quests that require a particular level of Social Stat (Knowledge, Courage etc.) to complete are now detailed appropriately.
  • Quests with infamously abstract objectives like 67 ("Dazzle Me With Paw Gloves") and 37 ("Pining for Stylish Formalwear") have had their descriptions entirely, carefully rewritten.
  • Hermit (Fox) quests generally give you a clearer idea of what you need to do.

Quest description BEFORE:

Quest description AFTER:

2.4. S. Link Descriptions

With so many social links in Persona 4, I often found myself forgetting who was available where on my first play-through and would end-up running around the map to check. To help address this, I've replaced the short bios in each profile with something more useful: the character's general locations.

These (spoiler-free) descriptions tell you where you can usually find your social links on each day of the week!

I've also detailed social stat requirements in dynamic social link descriptions where appropriate (e.g. when Justice rank X requires a particular level of understanding to progress), and made it easier to keep track of the Jester social link.

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  • sasame9821 avatar
    sasame9821 Joined 3mo ago
    where can i get the vita version of this? download says theres suppose to be a vita one but i cant see it
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  • Human_Pog avatar
    Human_Pog Joined 10mo ago
    Can you try to make so that this mod doesn't mess with mods which ad new skills. Right now, whenever you ad new skills the description gets messed up when this mod is activated. If it is not possible no problem.
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  • livipup avatar
    livipup Joined 3y ago
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    Hey, I noticed your mod says that the Laughing Table appears on floors 6 and 7 of the castle for the Fitting Board quest, but I found one on floor 4 just now.
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  • i installed it through aemulus as instructed, but it doesn't work. some of the mods i've tried installing work, but a couple don't, this being one of them. of the ones i'm trying to use, shown in the image linked below, the ones that don't seem to work, are "stop wasting time on social links at night", detailed descriptions, and social link cheat sheet. i'm not sure if the same issue is causing all of them to not work, or what, so i figured i would list the ones that aren't working in case you may know how to fix them. thanks!
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  • Galactica avatar
    Galactica Joined 1y ago
    That's what ATLUS should strive to push to the Live Version.

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    Excellent work
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  • Sonicdevil avatar
    Sonicdevil Joined 1y ago
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    What is the social link data under? I'd love to throw that in now that I've seen this update
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  • Leonxandergun avatar
    Leonxandergun Joined 1y ago
    184 points Ranked 69,243rd
    Great mod, very usefull, even for a veteran of p4g like my self. Btw, is it possible to make this mod work with P4G Ultimax Edition mod? I tried using Amicitia to merge the to mods but since they change the same file in the init.bin it doesn't work. Still, thank you very much for this

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  • ThheMau avatar
    ThheMau Joined 2y ago
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    Thank you. This is my first time playing the game so all the information is very useful.

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  • rafa97 avatar
    rafa97 Joined 1y ago
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