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Furry Text - A Mod for Sonic Lost World


Version 1.1 2y
  • BugFix Fixed a bug involving words not being detected at the beginning of newlines (thanks Number7 for pointing this out!).

Sonyic Wost Wowwd! oWo

A code injection mod for Sonic Lost World that hooks the game's attempts to get text from its .xtb2 files and replaces the text with a "furry" equivalent.

You ask "Why?!", but really, the answer is simple: Why not??


"I've been looking for you, Baldy McNosehair." -> "I've been wooking fur chu~ Bawdy McNosehaiw."
"Defeat Dr. Eggman without taking damage." -> "Defeat Doctowo Wobotnyic without taking damage."

The conversion is based heavily on this English to Furry translator, with some additional changes/improvements specific to this game. The complete list of replacements done is as follows:


"L", "l", "R", "r"  -> "W"/"w"
";", "," -> "~"
"!" -> " owo!"
"?" -> " uwu?"
"  " (two spaces) -> " uwu "
"na" -> "nya"
"ne" -> "nye"
"ni" -> "nyi"
"no" -> "nyo"
"nu" -> "nyu"


"love" -> "wuv"
"old" -> "greymuzzle"
"are" -> "is"
"the" -> "teh"
"this" -> "dis"
"eat" -> "vore"
"bite" -> "nom"
"you" -> "chu"
"for" -> "fur"
"hand" -> "paw"
"handwriting" -> "pawwriting" (added for one specific message that happens to use the word handwriting)
"persona" -> "fursona"
"disease" -> "pathOwOgen"
"not" -> "knot"
"computer", "robot" -> "protogen"
"awesome" -> "pawsome"
"with" -> "wif"
"sorry" -> "zorry"
"harsh" -> "rough"
"Homing Attack" -> "Mid-Air Yiff Attack"
"shout" -> "awoo"

Character Names:

"Sonic" -> "Sonyic" (done simply via the aforementioned symbol replacement)
"Tails" -> "Good boi Tawls c:"
"Omochao" -> "oWochao"
"Zavok" -> "Daddy Dergok"
"Zomom" -> "Nom Nom"
"Zazz" -> "Zazztacular"
"Zeena" -> "Weenawoo"
"Master Zik" -> "Zikkin Miaz"
"Zow" -> "ZoWor"
"Dr." -> "Doctowo"
"Eggman" -> "Wobotnyic"

Because this is a code injection mod and not simply a .xtb2 edit, you can also use it in combination with other text-editing mods (all 0 of them!!)!

It also replaces the window title (normally "Sonic Lost World") with "Sonyic Wost Wowwd", so you can enjoy that as well!

You're welcome owo
(I'm not a furry though I swear)

This mod requires Lost Code Loader! To install it, just update to the latest HedgeModManager and click "Install Mod Loader" if you haven't done so already.
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